Tear bank

"I really wish that I can collect all your tears and then we'll see how much tears you have been shedding. The amount of tears you've shed is enough to set up a tear bank."

A rather long time ago, a friend of mine, was there for me when I needed a friend. He was always there when I cried. He was always the first to be there. And, he never failed to cheer me up with his lame jokes. Like really, the last thing you would ever tell someone when he/she is crying is that you wanna collect all their tears and set up a tear bank. That got me cracking. And so, my sobbing turned into chuckles.

It only takes a split second to appreciate what you have. During this bad break-up I had, so many people were there for me. My family, my friends. Also, through this event, I've gotten a clearer view of things, of people whom I can actually trust and will be there for me when I need them. There is a clear divide between those who mean their words and those plastic people. For the people who honoured their words, thank you. I'm glad to call you 'my friend'. However, it is still too early to be definite about the divide, because once in awhile, when pretentious side of people slip, you see their true colours and I can say that it isn't nice at all. I learned the hard way that people change, and change is inevitable.

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