Sweet lil things

There are moments in our life when we feel down, and we just wanna do something to cheer ourselves up again. That, is where chocolate comes into the picture!

This is my current love. I'm so addicted to it! I doubt the word 'awesome' is even enough to state how incredible it is!

I wonder why no one ever told me this snack existed.

I brought a pack of 'Toppo' to school to share with my clique and I got them addicted to it too. Oops!

Look at the chocolate filling inside! It is a total to-die-for.

I never really did like chocolate in the past because I often found it too heaty and too sweet for my taste buds. Someone taught me how to eat chocolate, and got me to love chocolate. However, I'm still picky when it comes to eating chocolate. It has got to be top-notch chocolate or in the garbage bin it goes! I refuse to allow the tip of my tongue to touch under-grade chocolate; it's a disgrace to my tongue.

The best chocolate ever? Margaret Rivers.


Xianyao texted me, out of the blue, that he baked some cupcakes and he kept a few for me. So sweet of him. (:
However, I almost killed him when I saw the cupcakes. Because he lied.

"Is there icing on them? I'm terrified of icing."
- Met up with him and saw the cupcakes -
"There is icing on them! You lied to me!"
"What cupcakes have got no icing on them?! Of course they've got icing!"
"But you said there isn't any icing! You lied!"
"They are cupcakes!!"

Icing contains only sugar and calories. There is nothing good about them. I don't like icing. Icing is fattening.
Xianyao, you lied!!!

I must admit that the cupcakes are not only pretty, they taste good too. Mummy saw the cupcakes and the first question she asked was, "Are they edible?" I couldn't help laughing. Too many times, we've been deceived by their image, hence a scar is etched in our memory. However, these cupcakes are unlike the others. And most importantly, I haven't gone running for the toilet yet!

I've got a busy weekend coming up. Even my schedule for next weekend is filling up fast. I need to stop shopping, but I want to continue shopping. Oh the irony!

I have yet to get myself a cute floormat for my room. Gift-image no longer sells the cute floormats I set my eyes on months ago. :( Mini-toons have got no floormats either. I guess I just have to wait till they are in stock again.

Need to sleep. Now.

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