An advice to a friend (:

It is time to face the fact and let her go.

I know it's hard, but this is life. We can't change people because that is their life, they can be whoever they want to be. Yes, I take a stand with you that she shouldn't be who she is now. I can totally understand why you hate the people who changed her into who she is now. I know you wish that she is still the sweet girl you met and once knew. But hey, people change along with the course of time and we can't stop them from changing because change is a natural occurrence in this world.

Move on because even though you think and feel that she is perfect and she is the best, somewhere out there in this big world, the best is still waiting for you. Don't be stupid and insist on having second best when you can have the best. Having someone too perfect isn't necessarily good because only with imperfection comes perfection. Don't waste your time on someone who doesn't appreciate you for being able to see pass her imperfection and love her for who she truly is. Put that vast amount of love to better use, somewhere else, on someone else. I believe you'll be happier that way. Why make yourself stay in this limbo when you are actually one step away from free-ing yourself from it and leading a life filled with happiness and love? Honestly, she is not worth it. You're missing out on so many better things. Including that hot chick beside you right now! Don't make another mistake in your life. Because if you do, you can seriously go die for wasting that level of IQ.

Be that smart guy you are. There are many fishes in the water. No point going on and on for the goldfish that keeps swimming away from you. Go for the rainbow fish that is swimming around you. She'll be worth it, I'm sure. You can't expect a lady to make the first move, can you? Besides, you know better than to make her wait. Don't let yourself regret a second time, if you do, give me your IQ, I can definitely put it to better use!

I've said almost everything which should be said. The rest, I'll leave it to our lunch date. I've traded in a sufficient amount of my sleeping time to type all these out for you!! Aren't you touched? You should be!

I'm always there for you, friend. *hugs*

Ok, so goodnight/good morning.


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