Its the 21st century already.

I'm majorly irritated.

Its the year 2009.
I'm turning 17 this year. And so are plenty of the people around me.
Somehow, I was expecting a little more sense of maturity at this age.
But sadly, I've got to beg to differ.
Its so irritating when I've got to face imbeciles who still find it really interesting to tag stupid messages up at my tagboard.
I've got half the intentions to remove my tagboard once and for all.
Still, like what good bloggers do,
they simply delete the annoying message away,
ignore it and carry on with life as per usual. That's what I'm going to do as well.
I seem pretty much like a spoilt brat or whatsoever,
deleting the message and stuff.
But still.. I'm human and its an eyesore to me.
So say byebye to that tag.
Wait, why am I even bothering to blog about it?
Oh right, because I'm annoyed. Its a good enough reason.

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