CJ Speech Day. Labour Day. Swine Flu Holiday?

I take back all my words of "JC life is easier than Secondary School life".
If I can really cut down on my cartoon addiction, aimless surfing on the net,
sleeping as though there is no tomorrow, dragging time for who-knows-what-reason..
then I would perhaps have the time to complete all the things that I wanna do.
Great.. I'm even multi-tasking now.
Studying chemistry while blogging while facebooking.
I'm honestly up to the neck with work.

Hoping with all my heart that I can skip my CCA tmr.
But like what 老师 says..
Which is why I HAVE to go for training.
Yes I know, why does the CCA, lawnbowl (no laughing!),need to have such strict training.
Because our training sessions are only once a week.
Because our nationals are less than a month away.
Because everytime I win a game, its based on LUCK..
This CCA is considered as a sport,
but we use more of our brains than our physical strength/body. Interesting.

All JC1s are to report to school at 11AM on thursday due to CJ speech day.
YES!! That means no PE!! NO NAPHA test!! NO 2.4KM RUN!! WOoOoOooOoots...
I know I'm being immature. I can't help it.
I've developed a phobia for running!
Friday - Labour day. AKA Public holiday!!
I'm loving in this week. Minus all the freaking tests.

I'm off to concentrate on studying chemistry.
(Really! I'm going to do that! No multi-tasking!! I think....)

P.S. 老师 says that if swine flu reaches SG, students might be required to stay at home for a month. Which means.. no school for a month!! Hooray!! This shows how desperately in need I am of a holiday.

P.S.S. Mom says our holiday trip to Australia might be cancelled, thanks to the freaking swine flu. What the shit. So am I suppose to rejoice or mourn now because of the swine flu? *groans*

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