If they were human, I'd say they need to go on a diet. Badly.

Sparky just woke up.

The first thing they do once they wake up, EAT!

Playing around with my fat Sparky.

Pat pat pat. Walking on the wooden floor with my tiny pink paws.

Gnaw gnaw. Sunflower seed.

Whats that black thing? Is that my shadow?



Sparky: Depositing my food. Shoo off. This is mine!

Boohooo.. We were punished. Forced to face the wall. :(

Yawn.. I'm done eating.. I'm tired.. I wanna sleep...

OH MY GOD!! 2 HEADED HAMMIES!! *screams*

Fluffy: Now its my turn to deposit my food.

And there you go, a hill of chewed food. Want some? :D

Rightttttt. I'm in love with my hammies.
You're sick of hearing me talk about my hammies.
You're annoyed that I'm going crazy over my hammies.
Too bad! I love them to the max.
Because they cant be anymore adorable.
& without saying, I love my honey too,
for taking such brilliant care of my fatties

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