It'll be a bleak world without them.

Thankfully, you are there..

Its really soothing to know that I've got a few decent friends around.
Decent, close friends who will really be there for me (:
Like what I once said, you'd have a whole world of friends.
But your true friends are probably less than a handful.
In another half an hour or so, its going to be international friendship day.
A day worth celebrating, with friends.

You know... Sometimes things are not what they really seem to be.
Pretty flowers are mostly poisonous.
Sweet-smelling roses are always accompanied by sharp thorns.
The ugliest thing on earth may however,
be the nicest thing you've ever seen in your life.
The only thing that I can say now is...
Cherish the people around you. Especially those who are nice to you. Or are making an effort to know you better.
You'll get what I mean one day.
And on that one day,
I'm hoping that you get the good scenario if you do manage to heed my advice.

Goodnight people. Look forward to tomorrow!
& to all CJC-ians, who are friends of mine.
I've got presents for you!! :D

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