Happy Friendship Day?

Lollipops, gummies, sweets, what shall it be for next year?

I think I was the only one who bothered to bring tiny presents for my friends,
in the whole of CJ.
The usual "HUH? Why are you giving me sweets?" question, was rather common.
Oh boy.. Its not a wonder why Marcus, Zac & Jama kept mocking me.
It isn't only dumb, I felt dumb! For being the only one giving presents.
Well.. Not that its a really bad thing actually. I kinda like it.
Giving presents. Makes me happy, makes people happy.
For all those who didn't get the sweets,
I'm really sorry because I didn't see you in school so I couldn't pass it to you.
My sincere apologies.
No worries though, you're still a friend of mine.
I cherish our friendship (:

Of course, I didn't miss out T36 on this happy day.
Like what I expected, I was the only one giving out stuff.
Sorta of a playback of history in 4E4,
me being the only one giving out presents.
Some things never do change, does it?
Grace was so funny when I gave her the sweets.
She displayed such enthusiasm that really brought a smile onto my face.
At least there are truly people who appreciate tiny presents, in this world.
This is not really something good, or to be honourable about,
so I'll leave the name of the person out. I'll just name that person, person A.
-Person A walks into the scene-
I reached for my bag of sweets and pulled some out for Person A,
as I decided to pass it to Person A while Person A walks pass me.
"Hey! Person A! Wait! Come here!!"
"Come come."
I extend my handful of sweets towards Person A.
Person A looks at my handful of sweets.
"Throw them yourself." Person A snapped at me.
I stared at Person A in disbeliefment, uttering a loud HUH?
Then, Person A turns and walks out of the scene.
I turned and looked at my friends around me,
confusion was written all over their faces as well.

Well.. I still managed to get the sweets to Person A nonetheless.
Hmm.. In all my years of giving sweets out,
this is the first time I'm experiencing such an incident.
Someone mistaking my wrapped sweets for rubbish. LOL!
Its definitely going down my book of historical events, not that its a bad thing.
Its just that its really memorable.
I know, I'm a total weirdo. I remember things that I'm not suppose to.
Tell me what about me is NOT queer? That's my point.
Absolutely everything about me is weird.

Alrightttttt. I'm going over to honey's house to study tomorrow.
& to see my fat hammies.
Honestly, I constantly nag him to not starve them,
but I think he's over-feeding them. They're so fatttttttttttttttttttt.
When I came back from Australia and went to honey's house,
I got a total shock when I saw the fatties.
My hammies were like half the size bigger compared to the last time I saw them.
I shall prove it tomorrow, I'll take pictures of the fatties.
Mental note to self: Take pictures of my hammies tomorrow!

Speaking of honey, I found a picture that he sent me a long time ago.
It was taken in the year 2004, when we were Primary 6.
I had a really good laugh when I saw it.
It was a picture taken of the boys in 6H.
I think all of them are like twice the height they were before.
And definitely, in terms of physical features, they are so much more matured now.
This is a brilliant evidence to show how fast kids are growing nowadays!
Try and spot my boyfriend, Kenny, in the picture below.
If you manage to, you're brilliant!

SO? Did you manage to find him? Unbelievable difference eh?
I couldn't believe my eyes either.
Its not a wonder why I was so shock when I saw him 4 years later after we last met.
Time really flies. Everyone has grown up.
Some friendships still remain intact,
some friendships that could not withstand the challenges of time has fallen apart.
But no matter what, we've all got precious memories that we'll remember for life.

That's all for today. I'm due at his place in another 12 hours.
I need my beauty sleep now. Goodnight all.

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