tags replies!

Replies for the taggies.

sophie - Vanez: LINKKED! (:

sophie - Joey: thanks girl. you'll get the hang of it soon. perservere on yeah? & i know you'll
always be there for me. one of those that i can trust & depend plenty lots on.

yusi - KiatHwee: LOLL. congrats to you for getting scammed!

sophie - AHLINGS: finally then you tag backk lorh. love you lots too mei (:

sophie - GENN: like what i said, the scammers with SUPER INCREDIBLY LOW IQ. all they know is to COPY & PASTE. no originality. no creativity. the scamming emails are getting boring too. seldom do they bring laughter anymore. i just got one that is merely 5 sentence long. LOLL. it's really stupid. the person didnt even bother to describe the lottery this time. he went straight to the point and said that i won US$650,000. damn dumb yeah? LOL. oh and the co-responding email is even more ridiculous this time, its a hotmail acc. stupid larh!

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