the SOUR & BITTER deserts


YES! finally the laptop is here..
& with that i can finally get access to the internet.
cant wait till the 26th when the i get to use back the desktop.
a little closeup on my life yesterdayyy..
i went to LINGZHI vegetarian restaurant.

first things first, i'm no vegetarian..
& it was my uncle treating the family.
the dishes were pretty nt bad,
well for a glutton like me, i guess almost everything is not bad.
what i liked bout their dishes is that each of them is very unique.
sorry i didnt take more. was so intrigued in their appearance,
that i wondered if the taste was unique as well.
and it was VERY MUCH unique. fits the term uniquely singapore eh?
anywayy, by the term i rmbed i had to take pictures,
the course was ending,
so there wasnt much to take.
the "BOILING TUBES" stucked in a bowl of ice,
were actually filled with fruit juice for us.
everyone was like staring at what this was when it arrived.
looks kind of ridiculous yeah?

then we had DESERTS!
this was one of the funny parts.
everyone was guessing that it was guilin gao.
but then we were thinking,
this is a vegetarian restaurant,
how can there be guilin gao???
then the waiter told us that this was lingzhi gao.
the OOS & AHHS started going round.
there were 2 kinds of desert so only some ate this.
i did not, and i was glad that i didnt.
my parents took the lingzhi gao desert,
and the expressions on their faces..
well, not one that i would forget easily.
according to them, it was VERY VERY BITTER.
one of the most bitter things that they had ever ate.
my mom poured lots of sweet syrup on hers,
but the taste was still almost the same.
my dad..he tried to force some inside my mouth,
to let me taste how bitter it was.
i refused to open my mouth, zipped it up tight.

i was one of the luckiest ones who had this jelly desert.
it'd actually be quite plain and original,
if it wasnt for that lemon ice-ball.
what the chef did was that he extracted the juice from the lemons,
and poured them in a sphere-shaped mould,
and had it frozen. and TADA!
so there was the uniqueness of my desert.
& my unique vegetarian dinner.

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