Mad Shopping in TOWN.


i finally got MY WHITE BERET.
i love it LOTS LOTS (:
went shopping in town with my sister today.
we walked into quite a no. of shopping plazas.
first we went into..
then CK tang,
i bought the new shirtt & my white beret.
jie got 1 pair of shoes, 1 red-striped white shorts, 2 tops & 1 white tube.
together we spend bout $200? in like..8 hours?
SHOP SHOP SHOP. had RAMEN-TEH for dinner.
to be honest, i've eaten salmon skin handroll at so many diff places.
and this is by far, the best i've ever eaten YET.
cant wait to get my hands on more of it.
after all the shopping we took a bus over to plaza sing. to catch MADE OF HONOR!
a cute romance comedy. teaches ONE TO CHERISH THOSE AROUND YOU.
honestly, if i was given an opportunity.
i would be glad to watch it again.
since i was at plaza sing. and douby ghaut mrt was so near.
i thought of dropping by BUNK, if anyone i knew was there.
i called angie to ask. but sadly, she was at ezra's house.
so i could only make my way home.
cant wait for my sister's next off-day!
the next thing i want would be a new schoolbag.
probably my mom would kill me, got so many bags at home already.
but money is earned to be spend yeah?
besides, its not like i SPLURGE money all the time..
occasionally only.. i think..

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