Travel Guide: 10 Things That You Must-Do In Macau And Shouldn't Miss Out On

A couple of months back, I was sent by The Influencer Network on a sponsored trip to Macau. Since then, I have been asked several times by different people...

What's there to do at Macau?
Only got gambling and shopping what, no meh?

Well, I have been asked those questions so many times that I have decided to come up with a simple list of 10 items that you can do in Macau. Do note that I was only there for 3 days, and I probably spent half that amount of time attending to business-related affairs.

However within the short span of time that I was shown around Macau, it proved to me that the island is a hidden gem awaiting to be explored. Read on to find out what I have uncovered thus far.

#1| Staying At Sheraton Grand Macau Hotel

If you haven't read my travel article on Sheraton Grand Macau Hotel (posted on AspirantSG),
check it out here

Ok fine, so this isn't exactly a thing to 'do' but rather more of a place to stay.

Sheraton Grand Macau Hotel is the largest hotel in both Macau and the Sheraton chain. It was also recently awarded with its 'grand' title, which meant that guests can expect a more premium and luxurious service that would have you feeling classy and pampered like a king/queen.

The hotel offers turndown service, thus guests can return to a warm and cozy room after a long day of activities and feel right at home. Wouldn't you like to feel comfortable and spoilt after a long day out exploring?

Executive Deluxe Suite – Sleeping Quarters

Master Bathroom

Living and Dining Room

Entertainment Room

Address: Estrada do Istmo. s/n, Cotai, Macau
Contact: +853 2880 2000

#2| Having Breakfast With The DreamWorks Gang

You are never too old for themed breakfast parties.

Similar to the one at Disneyland, Sheraton has teamed up with the DreamWorks team to present this incredible breakfast experience!

Families can snap photos with their favourite DreamWorks animation characters – we're talking about "Kungfu Panda", "Shrek", "Madagascar", "How To Train Your Dragon" – whilst having a scrumptious international breakfast buffet whipped up by the skilful chefs from Sheraton.

Contact: +853 8113 0398

  • Adult – HKD/MOP 238+ per person
  • Children – HKD/MOP 138+ per person
  • Family Package – HKD/MOP 688+ (3 adults & 1 Child at age 4-12)
  • Guests booked with breakfast included rates / packages can upgrade existing breakfast to Shrekfast for HKD/MOP 100+ per person

#3| A Photo At "Ruins Of St. Paul"

Macau has been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it is home to over 20 UNESCO Heritage Sites and as described by UNESCO, the place "bears witness to one of the earliest and longest-lasting encounters between China and the West, based on the vibrancy of international trade".

The "Ruins of St. Paul's" is just one of the many heritage sites present in Macau.

One of the items on my bucket list is to travel to all of Macau's UNESCO Heritage Sites and curate a post with the working title "20 Instagram-Worthy Shots Taken At UNESCO Heritage Sites In Macau". That would be so cool, don't ya think?

Address: Rua de São Paulo, Macau, China
Contact: +853 6238 6441
Opening Hours: Daily, 9am-6pm

#4| Instagram-Worthy Shots At Taipa and Coloane Village

When travelling, nothing is more important than taking Instagram-able photos. A photo is worth a thousand words, right?!

Taipa Village and Coloane Village are the only two existing villages left in Macau, and with the traditional shophouses and quaint cobbled streets, every alley in the village is an Instagram-worthy spot.

Both villages are home to Portuguese architecture and Mediterranean influences, along with a blend of Chinese architecture, hence making the two places to be culturally diverse landmark destinations and an ideal nostalgic melting pot of East and West.

You would be a fool to not spam #OOTD pictures in either of the two villages!

Address: Rua dos Clerigos, Taipa, Macau, 999078 Taipa, Ilhas, Macau
Contact: +853 2857 6083

Address: Rue da Cordoaria, Coloane, Macau

#5| Explore Their Local Cafés

The café culture in Macau is stronger than you think.

Albeit the food choices aren't like the ones we see here in Singapore (eg. egg benedicts, all-in American breakfast, pancakes and waffles) but that is the interesting part about the cafés there!!

The Macanese have their own interpretation of café food and most of it are inspired by Portuguese cuisine.

Take this egg pudding for instance. It is cleverly cracked open to retrieve the contents of the egg, followed by the creation of the pudding mix, which is then poured back into the egg shell for baking.

That is a mighty amount of effort put into an egg pudding! Not to mention the café owner has created more than one flavour of this egg pudding – such as chocolate, matcha, coffee and the classic original flavour.

Address: 67 Rua dos Clerigos, Taipa, Vila de Taipa
Operating hours: Mon-Sun (12pm-9.45pm), Off-day on Tuesdays
Contact: +853 6669 5610

#6| Macau's Coconut Sorbet Is Better Than Thai Coconut Ice Cream

So, you are a HUGE fan of the coconut ice cream from Thailand, and you think that it is the best in the world with nothing else coming close to being its second?

You are so damn wrong, because you have yet to try the Coconut Sorbet from Macau.

The Macanese coconut sorbet is like having an icy version of an actual coconut, minus the sugar and cream. I could eat this all day and all night, especially on a hot summer day (someone in Singapore, please bring this fantastic dessert over!)

Address: 14 Rue da Tercena, Macau
Operating hours: Daily, 10am-6pm
Contact: +853 2892 0944

#7| So You've Had Portuguese Egg Tarts, But What About Bird's Nest Portuguese Egg Tarts?

These egg tarts are THE BOMB. You can find Portuguese egg tarts at almost every corner in Macau, but finding these ones with Bird's Nest are RARE.

I found it to be comparably less sweet than its regular counterparts, but what struck me the most is the difference in the texture of the egg custard, where the bird's nest has been beaten into the egg mixture.

I would highly recommend it since it is after all a rare pastry to find in Macau!

Address: 13-14 Rua do Regedor, Taipa Island, Macau
Operating hours: Daily, 7am-6pm
Contact: +853 2882 7313

#8| Try Macanese Cuisine

I always strongly believe that you have never actually been to a place, unless you have had their local cuisine.

Macanese cuisine is strongly influenced by Portuguese cuisine, and "A Lorcha" is a great place to go if you are looking to try some authentic Macanese cuisine.

A Lorcha serves delicious kale soup and seafood mixed rice cooked Portuguese style, and Serradura (meaning: sawdust) which is a Portuguese dessert that you shouldn't miss out on! Scroll on for food photos.

Caldo Verde
(Portuguese kale soup with chouriço)

Ameijoas "Bulhão Pato"
(Clams "Bulhão Pato" style with garlic coriander and olive oil)

Ameijoas à "Espanhola"
(Clams "Spanish" style with tomato, onion, beer and garlic

Entrecosto de Vaca Grelhado, com batata frita
(Char-grilled beef spare ribs with chips)

Arroz de Marisco à Portuguesa
(Mixed seafood rice, Portuguese style)

(Milk and cream pudding topped with crumbled biscuits)

*Serradura (meaning "sawdust") derived its name from the crumbled biscuits scattered atop the pudding, and when consumed the crumbled biscuits provide a texture resembling fine sawdust.

Address: Rua do Almirante Sergio Nº289 AA R/C Macau, Macao, China
Operating hours: Daily except Tuesday, 12.30pm-3pm & 6.30pm-11pm
Contact: +853 2831 3193

#9| Explore The Underground Pathways On The Cotai Strip

Most, if not all, hotels on the Cotai strip are linked by connecting pathways and you should check it out even if you might not be interested in shopping at any of the designer stores around.

A recommended place to check out would definitely be "The Venetian" which is popular for its indoor grand canal (wide enough to fit a gondola) and the Venice-inspired interior design!

#10| Lord Stow's Portuguese Egg Tarts Is A Must-Buy Souvenir To Bring Back Home

This is THE MOST famous Portuguese egg tart in Macau, and also the creator of Portuguese egg tarts.

There are currently 7 "Lord Stow's Bakery" outlets in Macau and 3 other franchises in Hong Kong, Japan and Philippines.

You should definitely buy some of these back home for your family and friends; an egg tart is priced at S$1.50 and they can be packed into a box of six.

For ease of purchase, you can drop by the outlet at The Venetian or any that is near your hotel. But if you are curious to see the origin of Portuguese egg tarts, I'll include the address to the original bakery down below!

FYI: These babies need to be hand-carried back home, so that means no stuffing it into your luggage with your dirty clothes!

Address: 1 Rua do Tassara, Coloane, Macau
Contact: (+853) 2888 2174
Operating hours: Daily, 9am-6pm

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Note: This post was sponsored by Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel and Starwood Hotels And Resorts Group.