12 Places To Getting Your Valentine's Day Flowers Online

We are down to one week away from the BIG Cupid's Day! There will be loads of love going around, and probably tons of PDA on that day too *ahem*. There is one more thing that would be going around like crazy on that day... flowers!

Valentine's Day is the one other day – not including monthsaries, anniversaries, birthdays, convocation days, celebratory days and etc – where us girls, expect our other-halves to turn up on our doorstep with a bouquet of flowers. Sadly, most of them don't do it like in the movies and they give us reasons like "it is too troublesome", "it is too expensive", "it is too cliche".

Cliche or not, we girls want our flowers and here is a way to drop them a hint!

This is a guide on where to order, what type of bouquet for which girl type, and how much it costs – from the very expensive to the seriously budget. I've got y'all covered!

#1 | Keira Floral


VDAY Specials: Sugar Puff Bouquet

Keira Floral was founded by floral enthusiast, Lowee, who draws inspiration for her floral creations from Mother Nature. Her flower arrangements break away from the conventional floral arrangement patterns, as each of her creation is made with the concept of enhancing the flower's natural beauty.

Great care is given to the smallest of details – such as the curvature of each stem and the stripe on each flower petal. Her dedication and love for the art is evident in her creation, with every bouquet being exquisitely unique and brimming full of life, it is the perfect gift for the nature-loving girl!

Keira Flora provides their floral service for everyday bouquets, wedding events, hampers and grand openings. Check out their Valentine's collection here.

Min damage: $48

Keira Floral: Website | Facebook | Instagram

#2 | Lin Sin Florist


Valentine's Red Roses Bouquet

With over 30 years of experience in flower arrangement, you can trust Lin Sin Florist to get your bouquet right!

This florist centre is a small family-owned business, with the florist being a kind middle-aged lady who steps out of her retirement every Valentine's Day to provide affordable bouquets for the season. Her flower creations are kept simple and classic, making it the right gift for your minimalistic girl! Order your Valentine's Day bouquet through their contact form here.

Min damage: $45

Lin Sin Florist: Contact Form | Instagram

#3 | Floweret Co.

floweretco 1

Valentine's Day: Pink Hydrangeas

FLOWERET CO. is a Singapore-based flower company delivering fresh blooms every Friday!

Kate (the owner) shops for the freshest blooms flowers every Friday morning and has the flowers delivered by the afternoon. She provides a one-style bunch of the "market's best" to prevent wastage and to ensure that her customers are only receiving the market's best.

The flowers chosen by Kate exude simplicity and elegance, and can be easily paired with any interior design. Blooms by FLOWERET Co, is the ideal gift for your fuss-free girl who loves fresh flowers that are straight-to-the-point.

Shop their Valentine's collection here now.

Min damage: $65

Floweret Co.: Website | Instagram

#4 | The Flower Godmother


Valentine's Day 2017: Savor Bouquet

With six years of experience and a Diploma in Horticulture and Landscape Management, The Flower Godmother creates one-of-a-kind bouquets most of the time, with every floral creation made to work within the customer's budget and to their preference.

Trust The Flower Godmother to help save your wallet, and to also help create the perfect rustic bouquet that will win you your girlfriend's smile this Valentine's Day.

Quote discount [flowergodmother] for 10% off your floral purchases

Min damage: $55

The Flower Godmother: Website | Facebook | Instagram

#5 | Cherriesmitten


Valentine's Day Special Edition Smitten Foliage ($120)

Made especially for your one true love, cherriesmitten has created a special edition of their #smittenfoliage for this Valentine's Day. Each heart-felt box is filled with pure ivory and luscious red roses, you can trust that it would definitely smitten your loved one and is the perfect luxury gift for your high-maintenance girlfriend.

Alternatively, place preorders for their bespoke bouquets at $65 each. The smittenfoliage is available for $120 per box with free delivery service.

Pre-order closes on 10 Feb at 12pm. Email cherriesmitten@gmail.com to place your order.

Min damage: $65

Cherriesmitten: Facebook | Instagram

#6 | Fleur De Style


Valentine's Flower Bouquet

Priding on its name, Fleur de Style is able to create floral arrangements based on various themes, concepts and requests provided by their customers. They make use of premium imported materials while maintaining a price-competitive stand.

The most important factor of Fleur de Style is their stand on customer satisfaction level, and hence the importance they have placed on their "100% on-time schedule". If you have a time-conscious girl, pick your Valentine's Day bouquet from their VDAY collection here now.

Min damage: $39

Fleur De Style: Website | Facebook | Instagram

#7 | Floral Fingers


Petite Bouquet

At floral.fingers, Debbie (the florist and owner) believes that flowers are an important part of our lives. Flowers are able to add a touch of beauty in our everyday lives and thus they play an important role during the celebration of any joyous occasion held with our loved ones.

The floral styling by floral.fingers is inspired by the beauty of flowers, combined with a romantic modern influence of nuanced colours and textures. Each of their curation and styling is customised with the individual in mind, thus if you've got a vibrant girl on hand, get their petite bouquet to celebrate this Valentine's Day!

Quote discount code 'sophleow' for 10% off any orders

Min damage: $68

Floral Fingers: Email [floral.fingers@gmail.com] | Instagram

#8 | Flower Advisor


Valentine's Day Collection: Hearts Ablaze

So your girlfriend is abroad, no problem!

FlowerAdvisor is an international flowers & gifts e-commerce that delivers to more than 100 countries. They have a partnership with the local florists in the participating countries and has ensured that the best products are provided with a competitive pricing.

Fly your flowers to her this Valentine's Day from their VDAY collection here now.

Quote discount code 'SPREADTHELOVE' for 10% off, valid till 9 Feb

Min damage: $53

Flower Advisor: Website | Facebook | Instagram

#9 | Petite Fleur


Valentine's Day: The Flower of Love

At Petite Fleur, every bouquet is handcrafted using only their premium blooms, which are high quality flowers nurtured to last longer than average. Each arrangement is elegantly fashioned with an eye for detail and is individually a vibrant expression of art and beauty.

If your girl is the forgetful kind who might not remember to water her plants, check out Petite Fleur's VDAY collection here now.

Min damage: $49

Petite Fleur: Website | Facebook | Instagram

#10 | Amytfleur


Valentine's Day: White Hydrangea


A merger between two floral styles – one traditional and standard, another French and English inspired – amytfleur has found her own niche in the floral industry.

The young florist with an astonishing four years of experience under her belt, believes that "less is more". She uses a main flower and complements it with a few exquisite side flowers and leaves; she keeps her arrangements simple and not over-the-top. She looks to provide affordable floral bouquets to customers who might not have such a fat wallet like others!

If you're really tight on a budget but do wanna gift your girl with a unique bouquet, check out amytfleur's carousell page for more of her amazing VDAY fleur collection.

Min damage: $25

Amytfleur: Website | Facebook | Instagram

#11 | The Flower Factory

Rose Hand Bouquet

Flowerfactory 1

Flowerfactory 3
Sunflower Hand Bouquet

The Flower Factory is a lifestyle florist based in Woodlands. They aim to provide their clients with quality flowers in terms of flower bouquets, table arrangements, hampers, wreaths and etc. For more than 10 years in the industry, they catered only to corporate clients and private houses. In the recent years, they have opened up their doors to welcome walk-in customers and online orders.

When a customer heads down to their store to place a pre-order, The Flower Factory does their best in personalising the flower bouquet based on the recipient’s favourite colour and/or style, instead of insisting upon a fixed bouquet arrangement.

If you are looking for a wide collection of seriously affordable floral options to choose from, click here to check out their everyday bouquet collection.

Min damage: $25

The Flower Factory: Website | Facebook | Instagram

#12 | Fleur and Faith

Fleur n faith 2

Valentine's Day Special of the Month

Fleur & Faith is a monthly subscription flower box, for the time-poor flower enthusiasts. They serve as your personal florist, bringing you carefully sourced flowers from the market every month. The flowers are hand-packed in a box (with two packs of flower food provided) and delivered to your doorstep at no delivery cost.

If your girl prefers to arrange her own flowers, get her an affordable one-month subscription for her to try it out!

Min damage: $49

Fleur and Faith: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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