Rent-A-Dress: Your Affordable One-Stop Solution To Classy Dresses For Formal Events

Have you ever groaned and panicked when you hear that there is a dress code for a formal event? Well, I have. And it happens often with all the events that there is to attend.

It doesn't help that I am at the age group where my friends are starting to get married, and weddings mean fancy attires required for fancy grand ballrooms.

Most of these formal attires cost a bomb, are usually only worn once, and are then chucked to the back of my wardrobe where they will never see the light of day ever again. #sadbuttruestory

Thus I started wondering... Why can't I just rent one of these dresses? It doesn't make any sense to burn my wallet just to get a dress that I would only wear for a few hours in my entire lifetime.

And that is how I came into contact with "Rent A Dress"a one-stop new age designer dress rental portal, curated for fashionistas with finer taste.

Rent A Dress is a site full of dresses for sophisticated young cosmopolitan ladies to rent for the weekend.

It all began when Shuen, the founder of Rent A Dress, found herself with nothing to wear amidst a closet full of dresses and started to loathe shopping for dresses for upcoming dinners, she knew there was something seriously wrong. Which girl in their right mind would start seeing shopping as a hassle?

The thing is, she couldn’t find good quality evening dresses on the go. The nice dresses were usually custom made or were super pricey and she knew that she was going to wear them only once. Oh, the dilemma. Surely all fashionistas go through the same problem!

She wished so hard that she could have a closet full of designer dresses to just pick and wear for a weekend and voila, Rent A Dress was born.

The site offers dresses for every occasion from a fancy date night to a black tie event to a traditional wedding, available at a tiny fraction of the price! You can have the dresses delivered to you by courier service or pick it up yourself from their showroom located at Orchard Road.

If you are afraid of renting a dress that you might not be able to fit and do not have time to drop by their showroom for a fitting, there is an option to have the dress delivered to you and try it on for 24 hours before renting the dress. Find out here for more information on how their renting system works.

You can easily contact the staff at Rent A Dress if you have any queries, and they would get back to you as soon as they can.

Enjoy this dress up journey with Rent A Dress, feel and look beautiful as you stride into the formal event in your classy formal dress!

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