Slimming with Expressions: Electrical Muscle Stimulation is THE latest trend in slimming technology!

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Expressions is a recognized pioneer in the industry that introduced the concept of "Total Wellness" based on the fact that looking and feeling good is a natural consequence of being healthy and fit.

The "Total Wellness" philosophy embraces a holistic and natural approach in achieving health and beauty. Our inner well-being affects the condition of our health and appearance, hence Expressions encourages their clients to attain peace within them by adopting a positive and proactive attitude to life.

Expressions pride itself on its commitment to exclusively provide products, programs and services that are of the best quality, with their programs being the result of thorough research.

I was invited by Expressions to try out two of their treatments:
  1. Proslimelt
  2. Expressions VIP Body System

#1| Proslimelt

Expressions recommended for the treatment "Proslimelt" to be done on my tummy

This slimming treatment is a non-invasive body slimming and contouring technology that uses low frequency ultrasound waves, which penetrates up to 5cm deep into the fat under the skin.

These waves break down the cellular membranes rapidly, allowing your body to effectively release liquid fat to be broken down in the liver.

Main Benefits of the Proslimelt:
  • A selective technological system that only targets adipose (fatty) tissue, so that no other tissue is altered in the process
  • Uses 'ultrasound lipolysis' to break down fat and soften cellulite
  • Stimulates fat metabolism and fat reduction without inflicting damage to surrounding tissues

Here is how the treatment procedure was done:

The treatment was painless and all you would feel is a slight heat and your tummy fats being pushed around. Oh and one more thing, do not be surprised if you have to rush to the toilet after this treatment. It helps in with intestinal motility... if you know what I mean 💩

Here are my results from the Proslimelt treatment:

Tummy fats - front view

Tummy fats - side view

#2| Expressions VIP Body System

Next up, "Expressions VIP Body System" treatment on my fat thighssss

Expressions VIP Body System is the ideal solution to reduce excess weight, fat, cellulite, slack skin and fluid retention. A muscle firming and metabolic activator, it is used to burn fat and increase metabolism without side effects.

When positioned in contact on the skin, the infrared rays penetrate deeply in a unidirectional way, without any dispersion. The rays penetrate deeply, and facilitate heat transmission to the tissues, producing a thermal action that stimulates the discharging of fat and increase metabolism.

Oxygenation and microcirculation are also greatly enhanced, and the directional waves induce the bundle of muscles to do isotonic movements with a pumping effect, thus enhancing the energetic consumption and the elimination of the fluids in excess in the area.

The pumping effect of the movement helps to discharge fluids giving a purifying effect. The induced directional waves eliminate the Adipose layers, resulting in the firming of the muscles without any efforts from the client.

One session of the therapy is equivalent to 300 sit-ups and some clients have ever experienced a weight loss of up to 1.5kg!!!

Unlike the previous treatment, this one was a tad more painful but only because I am not an active person who partakes in exercising regularly.

As my muscles have hardly been used nor pushed to their boundaries, this treatment forces them to contract for a longer period of time than what they are used to. Furthermore, the electro-pads were placed on the trigger points of my thighs, thus causing me to experience leg cramps during the session.

Of course, I am not stupid enough to endure it for over 30 minutes, and so I cried out for help and my therapist in-charge swiftly came to the rescue. She adjusted the electro-pads, lowered the voltage of the treatment, and came every 5-10 mins just to check on my comfort.

The rest of the session went smoothly and let's just say that I went home with slimmer thighs 😏

Here are my results from the Expressions VIP Body system:

Thigh fats - front view

I know that I am in safe hands when I am at Expressions as this beauty and wellness company's aim is to help individuals to attain total wellness and cultivate a healthy lifestyle using natural and reliable products, coupled with professional and personalized services to achieve desired results in the shortest possible time.

Find out more information about the treatments available at Expressions here.

Expressions (Orchard Branch)
121 Penang Road, Regency House
#01-02, Singapore 238464
Contact: 6235 9890
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 10am to 8.30pm.


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Note: This post was kindly sponsored by Expressions.

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