MELILEA: Chinese New Year Gala Party

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Melilea wishes every Singapore resident
A Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!!!

During the last week of January, I was invited to welcome the new year with MELILEA International Pte Ltd together with their fellow business partners and customers in Singapore.

A brief background on MELILEA:

MELILEA International Group of Companies is a pioneering global green corporation with footprints found in Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan. The company was created based on the mission to "Transform People's Lives" with the commitment to good health, beauty, success and happiness, and has always believed in ‘giving wholeheartedly and helping sincerely’.

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The New Year party was held at Serangoon Gardens Country Club, as a means of giving thanks to their loyalty customers and business partners for the continuous support in 2015.

With Michelle Natasha (follow her on IG @imiqq)

With Mediacorp artiste Shona Woo

With Fad

The traditional Lion Dance, a not-to-be-missed sight during CNY events!

For the new year of 2016, MELILEA shared that they wish to bring their mission and vision of Transforming People’s Life to the next level in this new year, and to encourage Melileans to practise the culture of giving to those in needs.

And as part of their 2016 campaign to bring the mission: "Transforming People’s Lives" into the Singapore community and to promote the spirit of giving in Singapore, MELILEA has kindly donated $50,000 to the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC).

The donation was received by Mr Kenneth Wong, the executive director of corporate giving at the National Voluntary and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) on behalf of his association.

It is encouraging that Melilea International supports NVPC’s mission to build a culture of giving in Singapore. Companies can play an active role in building the community, which enables us to achieve our vision of the City of Good. We applaud the efforts of the company’s founders, who have actively contributed in volunteerism and engaged in philanthropy at different levels of society.

— Mr Kenneth Wong

Datuk Dr Alan Wong, Founder and Group Chairman of MELILEA International Group of Companies

At Melilea International, we believe that serving our communities is not only integral to running a business successfully. It is part of our individual responsibilities as citizens of the world. We engage in voluntary work to remind ourselves to be thankful of our blessings. Support from members of the society like us goes a long way in helping these charities, in terms of their daily operations, grocery needs and funding.

— Datuk Alan Wong

Happiness comes from giving and being generous to not just our immediate circle of family and friends, but society as well. We held the party to get the new year off to a wonderful start with our fellow business partners and customers, and appreciate the harvests we received last year.

Our contributions go towards funding the monthly operational and medical cost for the residents. It makes me happy when I am able to bring smiles to their faces. We just want to restore faith and hope back into their lives.

— Datuk Stella Chin

Datuk Dr Stella Chin, Executive President of MELILEA International Group of Companies and Founder of StarLadies International

During the New Year party, Datuk Stella Chin also shared on her newly launch book "About Happiness, I Truly Know".

"About Happiness, I Truly Know" is a true life story narrative book discussing about the balance in a woman's life — between career and family, personal development and business management, martial relationship maintenance and parenthood essentials.

In just 2 days of its book launch in Taiwan, "About Happiness, I Truly Know" was ranked no. 3 in Kingstone Bookstore Financial Category, With the outstanding feedback from female readers in Singapore and Malaysia, will be entering our local market soon.

The book describes Datuk Stella philosophy of happiness, while adding points of happiness from personal to family, from career to marriage.

With regard to the philosophy of happiness, Datuk Stella mentioned about the fragile balance required for the attainment of happiness in both personal and professional lives. When it comes to our personal life, we women procrastinate too much; and when it comes to our professional life, we complain too much!

The essence of her book serves to remind us to not be picky and to work hard; to always remember where our home is; and to never forget how to be happy even when responsibility is piling up on our shoulders.

The main objectives of Datuk Stella Chin's writing is to share with every women out there that she deserves to secure Happiness and the steps to achieving happiness in life can be found in "About Happiness, I Truly Know".

Other than writing her book "About Happiness, I Truly Know", Datuk Stella Chin has also founded StarLadies International.

It is a community created to aspire and guide women in achieving success and happiness in both family, love and career. StarLadies International works towards putting their vision “Care is Love” into practice and action, and in promoting the pink culture in society by bringing love and fun to the people-in-need

StarLadies International has branched out to form a StarLadies Volunteer community, and is in currently looking for ladies in Singapore and Malaysia from all walks of life to take part in their community projects.

The community projects include working with NGOs in Singapore and Malaysia, to organise fundraising projects and providing support during societal voluntary work — such as going for visits to various rehabilitative centres and homes for the elderly, providing voluntary support in the form of running a carnival, charity run or participating in an outing for the less-abled.

StarLadies Volunteer is looking to expand their community with more fresh faces and so if you have a big heart and your personality matches the description below, please continue reading to find the steps on how you can join the community and play a part in giving back to our society:

For all ladies out there who are,
  • Kind hearted
  • Loving
  • Friendly
  • Fun
  • Cheerful
  • Enthusiastic
  • Willing to give and spend time with those in need

Download StarLadies Volunteery Application Form from here on their StarLadies Official Website, fill it up and submit it via email to

Stay updated with the latest voluntary activities by liking their StarLadies Official Facebook Page or check out their StarLadies Official Website at

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