6 Tips To Slimming Down After Chinese New Year

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Feeling guilty from all the Chinese New Year snacks that you've been indulging in for the past 15 days? It is probably why you clicked on the link and are reading this now.

We all love our Bak Kwa (179 calories/slice), Pineapple Tarts (82 calories/piece), Love Letters (112 calories/piece), Dried Shrimp Rolls (22 calories/piece) and Peanut or Almond Cookies (72 calories/piece). And our intense love for these Chinese New Year goodies can be physically seen by the bulging belly that we now possess which didn't seem to exist before 8 February 2016.
The good news is that you have three more months to lose all the belly fats before the start of summer when cloth-less clothing rule the season! Here are 6 ways to save your sexy summer:

#1| Exercising

Isn't this method a duh?!

We all know that exercising increases our metabolic rate which then burns our disgusting layer of fat, and changes it to carbon dioxide and water — which we excrete through breathing, sweating and peeing.

According to research, aerobic exercises (such as running or dancing) helps to burn fat more efficiently due to the consistent increase of heart rate as compared to anaerobic exercises (such as yoga or pole-dancing) where there are fluctuations in heart rate.

Gym membership, anyone?

#2| Specific Diet Plans

There are tons of diets out there, such as the Dukan Diet, the Graham Diet, the Atkins Diet, the Grapefruit Diet, the 3-Hour Diet, the Blood Type Diet, the Vegan Skinny Bitch Diet (I'm not making the name up, this diet plan truly exists!)... And the list goes on.

I have personally tried the Dukan Diet and the 3-Hour Diet. For the former diet plan, I stuck to and gave up on this plan in a total of ONE glorious day. It was far too much of a trouble to search for protein-only meals in our lovely Asian country, where carbohydrates is the staple food.

For the latter diet plan, I tried it for over a course of 6 weeks. I would say that it works but it can be quite a hassle to look for and consume food on a three-hourly basis. Not to mention, it would impede your concentration level at work.

#3| Plain Ol' Diets

By this, I meant watching your diet based on your own accord. There are no rules nor restrictions. You shall be in charge of restrict yourself.

What this entails includes refraining from going for the fattening deep-fried food, getting another bowl of rice, ordering that double cheeseburger with extra cheese, and llao llao's sanum cup — frozen yoghurt might be healthier than ice cream but it is equally destructive due to the copious amounts of sugar used.

Always remember: Discipline is the key to a flat tummy.

#4| Detox Teatox

Now this point would strike a chord in most people as we are currently seeing a lot of this on ALL social media sites. The whole point is to drink a cup of tea as per instructed (either day or night) and you will get a flatter tummy.

It sounds really simple but I do question the extent of the results. Not to mention, each tea bag is pretty costly and I have heard that the smell of the tea can be pretty nasty?

I suppose one would do anything for a better image eh? (Except to exercise, of course)

#5| Juice Cleansing Diets

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This is another popular slimming method, whereby people replace their meals with bottles of juices made out of vegetables and fruits. Oh and, the participant of this diet plan has to also stay away from caffeine, nicotine and alcohol.

I have personally never tried this but from the experience stories/reviews that I have been reading online... the results are fantastic, but one would have to be extremely discipline, as even a single whiff of food could get you kneeling on the floor like a little puppy!

#6| Slimming Supplements

Hohoho! I would dare say that this is to be the slimming method to storm over Singapore. An example of a slimming supplement would be Expressions SlimJuice which guarantees a 96% efficacy rate!

I was fortunate enough to be sponsored by Expressions with a box of SlimJuice and a bottle of Wheat, Bran and Psyllium* pills.

SlimJuice was formerly known as "KiloKiller" and has had its name revised due to its new and improved formula! The new formula is made to have finer granules for easy dissolution in juices.

SlimJuice was created based on the vision to burn stubborn fat cells stored away in the body, drain harmful toxins hindering the absorption of nutrients, create a smooth movement for the breakdown of food, to reduce the tendency of snacking and lastly to appease the drinker's appetite all day long.

Expressions Wheat, Bran and Psyllium Pills* contains 100% natural herbs which are suitable for vegans as well. It is made exclusively in USA.

*Psyllium: A form of fiber made specifically from the husks of the plant, Plantago Ovata's seed.
  • Research has shown that psyllium has many benefits to the human body, such as a laxative to make bowel movements smoother, and an agent to lower cholestrol levels with few side-effects.
  • Psyllium can also help diabetics to maintain a healthy glycemic balance. Lastly due to its ability to absorb liquid within the body, Psyllium can help to regulate a person's food intake and provide one with the feeling of fullness.

This superior fibre combination accelerates the body's food processing time while installing important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It also helps to lowers cholesterol level while cleansing our intestinal tract.

Here are the steps that I took over the course of my 3-days low carbs diet plan:
  • Morning: One sachet of SlimJuice and 8 WBP pills half an hour before breakfast (wholemeal bread with two slices of honey-baked chicken breast ham)
  • Afternoon: Yong Tau Foo soup with no rice nor noodles (tip: ask the vendor for extra soup to fill your tummy, or if you die die have to eat noodles get 'thin bee-hoon')
  • Evening: One sachet of SlimJuice and 8 WBP pills half an hour before dinner (fish/seafood soup with no rice nor noodles)
  • Throughout the day: Drink plenty of water (at least 3 litres), and if you are feeling peckish snack on fruits — blueberry, prune, apple and pear are fruits that statistics have shown to help with weight-loss.

Here are my results in numbers:

If the stats are too confusing for you, here is all that you need to know — my body age changed from 23 to 22 years old. I OFFICIALLY POSSESS A YOUNGER BODY, YES!

Lo' and behold, here is my before fat photo:

Taken a year ago. My arms... So fucking fat. I can't believe I am uploading this.

And here is some after photos since I started taking Expressions' products:

As like all other diet plans, the first day is the hardest. But once that day was over, everything went smoothly from then on. I felt great and energetic throughout the subsequent days, and the feeling got even better when the results were reflected in the photos that I had to take for my advertorials — no one likes looking at a fat version of themselves or of others.

SlimJuice was unbelievable because it helped to reset my satiety levels and to control my food intake. I found myself being able to say "stop" when I have had enough food for a meal. I found myself snacking less during the day and the need for late-night suppers vanished as well.

But I liked most about SlimJuice is its taste. It is orange-flavoured so when I drank it every morning, it felt like I was just drinking a casual glass of orange juice. *lets out a relaxing ahhh...*

The notion of taking the Wheat, Bran and Psyllium Pills was scary at first due to the Slim10 scares that happened years ago. I read and studied every ingredient on the bottle thoroughly before deciding to consume it — of course it was safe and that's why I made up my mind to take it!

The pills were fantastic because it helped to keep me full, reduce my need to eat a lot before I had the feeling of fullness and last but not least, shitting was a hell lot easier too!

As for its taste, there was no taste to worry about because all you had to do was to swallow. There is hardly any chance for you to 'savour' it unless you can't swallow to save your life then... let me know how it tastes like when you bit into it, but I suspect that it would taste like oatmeals?

I am not the only one who has reaped results from Expressions products.

Instead of sharing the multiple reviews done by other fellow bloggers/ambassadors of Expressions, here is a more realistic account that you can trust: My sister.

My sister SAW the effects of my weight-loss and became motivated to take SlimJuice as well. All she did was to drink a sachet accompanied with a glass of warm water every morning before she went to work, and she proceeded on with her usual daily meals, and she lost weight as well. She told me that she felt like she needed to eat less, felt full easily and she did appear slimmer after having consumed it for about a week, yay!

Conclusion: Slimming supplements are not that terrifying. Or at least not the ones from Expressions.


No matter which slimming option that you pick, slimming is essentially a tough choice to make and keep by. Slimming should always should be done in moderation and with discpline, and not just for one's image but importantly for one's health. Happy Slimming!

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Note: This post was kindly sponsored by Expressions.

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