Lepark Tapas Bar

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Lepark Tapas Bar & Restaurant
People's Park Complex, 1 Park Rd,
#06-00, Singapore 059108

Contact: (+65)6908 5809
Website: http://lepark.co/
Opening Hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 4pm-12am

Lemmy Lemonade - $6, Kronenbourg 1666 Blanc Draft Beer - $10/cup

Lepark Platter - $18
"Poached Chicken Sushi, Thai Basil Pork Tau Pok, Otah Bomb, Chicken Skin & Nacho with Spicy Salsa"

Salted Egg Yolk (SEY) Soft Shell Crab & Crabmeat Ball Sliders - $12

Rating: 4/5

My two cents:

This is a place where quality > quantity. You will definitely get a meal which would satisfy your tastebuds, but probably not your tummy unless you have a small appetite or that you're ready to spill out all the cash that you've got on hand.

As a means to try as many of their tapas as possible, I ordered the "Lepark Platter" which was incredibly pleasing to my eyes and my Instagram! My personal favourites from the platter were the Otah Bomb, Thai Basil Pork Tau Pok and — oh how my cholesterol levels would disapprove of this — the Pepper Salt Crispy Chicken Skin.

Contrary to other reviews, I did find the Poached Chicken Sushi (ie. the bite size version of chicken rice) to be rather interesting and tasty. However it did not hit a note that was as resounding to me as its fellow competitors on the same wooden board had!

As for the "SEY Soft Shell Crab & Crabmeat Ball Sliders", one word: WOW! The taste really packs a punch but it has got to be the most expensive slider that I have ever had to pay for. It costs $6 for just ONE bite-size burger, ouch to my wallet!

The soft shell crab was a tad over-fried and too dry for my liking, however I got excited when I bit into the crabmeat ball and found actual crab meat as like how it was shown on Clicknetwork's Foodporn episode featuring Lepark. The crabmeat ball was crispy on the outside, whilst soft and moist on the inside! A tinge of natural sweetness from the crab meat could also be tasted when savoured slowly.

I would have given Lepark 4.5/5 if it weren't for its disproportionate portions of food. I get that what I ordered were simply tapas and its signature side? dish, but still the price was not reasonable for the amount of food presented.

Regardless if you are planning a gathering with your friends that involves beer and tapas, Lepark would be a great place to hang out due to its interesting variety of tapas and their wide range of ciders and craft/draft beers to choose from!

[ADDITIONAL INFO] Directions on how to get there:

  1. Get your ass up to level 5, either by the elevator or escalator (your choice!)
  2. Look for a dodgy spiraling stairwell that would lead you up to one floor above, level 6
  3. Go through the door and enter the rooftop
  4. Walk up the tiny flight of stairs to get across all the rooftop chimneys ahead of you. Do not be distracted by the rooftop chimneys ahead and the huge patch of empty carpark space towards your right (FYI brilliant spots for #OOTD shots).
  5. The entrance to lepark is guarded by a conspicuous metal sliding door, pull open the sliding door and you are ready to 'lepark'!

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