Have you done your CNY shopping?

Chinese New Year is coming up really fast this February and the CNY chimes started right after 25 December 2015, like a harsh slap in your face that it is time for shopping — or perhaps getting money red packets for those who are still unwed.

With that said, I realised that the experience of shopping for CNY clothes has changed drastically over the years. Before the surge of technology or the Internet per se, people took time out and went to ACTUAL PHYSICAL STORES to search, fit and buy clothes.

These days shopping is an entirely different experience as all you would need are: an electronic-powered device with good wifi signal and a measuring tape.


Versatile, clean and effortless is what you get when you buy ALAND.

For the latest in women’s Korean fashion, ALAND is the go-to brand to update your style and stay ahead of the trend. Satisfy that inner fashionista and browse through their amazing collection of tops for women.

Complete your outfit with accessories that exudes simple elegance and end it all off with a tote bag!


Pros of digital shopping is that you get to browse through a hell lot more "stores" in an hour, than you could ever physically achieve with your actual two feet.

Oh and, here is another benefit that all men throughout the world shall be able to relate to:

Through online shopping,

male partners get to avoid sitting around waiting for their lady partners to be done deciding between this dress of a light shade of pink or that skirt with a darker shade of pink (a man's logic: "THEY ARE BOTH PINK?!! MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY!"),

and to avert being reminded again of the thumb-dwindling hours spent waiting when asked to help carry their lady's shopping bag/s.

This makes a good reason for our man to encourage digital shopping and better yet, physically show support by handing us their credit card right?

It is after all, a much worthy trade of "money" for "time". #buyingtimegetsreal

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