Kenhiru Japanese Restaurant: The Best and Juiciest Tonkatsu To Have At Dhoby Ghaut!

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Kenhiru Japanese Restaurant
56 Cairnhill Road, Singapore 229667

Contact: 6684 4418
Opening hours: Mon-Sun (12pm-2.30pm, 6pm-10.30pm)

Sashimi Mori Special 5 Kind ($58.80)
"Salmon, maguro, hamachi, hotate and amaebi"

Horenso Salad ($9.80)
"Spinach salad with cherry tomato and bacon bits in sesame dressing"

Kawa Ebi Karaage ($11.80)
"Deep fried river shrimp"

If you are looking for a side dish to go with some Saké, pick this one because there can't be any tapas that is better than this! It is crispy and emits a light 'prawn' fragrance (think: dried shrimps but better!) that goes really well with Japanese rice wine. As for its flavour, it is both salty and sweet due to its origin as a seafood.

Iberico Kushi Yaki ($22.80)
"Grilled Iberico pork skewers"

*Iberico pork [ee-BHAY-ree-koh] [pɔːrk]: High quality pork meat extracted from Ibérico pigs — these pigs are reared in the Spanish country side and as a result of their good lives, this animal is much fatter with veins of fat running through its muscle. The large amount of fat layering each muscle results in a much more intense flavour with an unparalleled note of sweetness when cooked.

This is my first time trying Ibérico pork and I love it because the meat is so tender! For this dish, unveil the juicy side of the grilled meat by dipping it lightly in salt before consuming. You wouldn't believe the explosive flavours happening in your mouth then!

Iberico Pork Tonkatsu ($26.80)
"Deep fried Iberico pork with fresh bread crumbs and herbs"

Think: Juicy meat with a light crispy breaded texture. #HEAVENLYSINFUL

Iberico Pork Rack ($39.80)
"Seared Iberico pork rack with herbs in teri glaze sauce"

If you thought the Iberico Kushi Yaki was good, then you are truly missing out on the BEST stuff. This is the bomb!

The juice of the Iberico pork is brought out even further when seared and the teriyaki glaze sauce enhances the natural sweetness of the meat flavour. This is a dish that I would highly recommend everyone to try!

Salmon Teriyaki Set ($14.80)
"Grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce"

The accompanying miso soup in the set meal

Rating: 4.5/5

My two cents:

I quote from @ladyironchef,

If there was only one kind of cuisine that we could live on, it would be Japanese food. There is no one reason why; if we really have to, the list will never end.

The exquisite meal that I had at Kenhiru Japanese Restaurant is a great example of why we can live on Japanese food forever. I had not only tasted flavours that were previously unknown to me — I am now officially a big fan of Ibérico pork — but I also learnt more about how the food that I was putting in my food.

I am glad to know that Kenhiru Japanese Restaurant strives for quality and is meticulous in every detail of the food they serve, from the good quality bonito flakes used to produced their miso soup to the traditional Asian staple food, rice.

Kenhiru imports their rice grains from Narita, Japan, and those rice grains gave the most fragrant and delicious white rice that I have ever had! One of my fellow diners finished three bowls of these rice all by herself; this only goes to show how tasty their rice is!

There is a certain dish that I have to give a shout-out for, it would be their Broccoli No Mentai Ae ($9.80) which is essentially "broccoli with tuna flakes and pollock roe in mayonnaise". This dish might sound really simple but turn of savoury flavours combined with the smooth texture of the pollock roe mayonnaise... it made the common green flower taste just so. damn. yummy!

The price point for the dinner menu at Kenhiru is about $25 (average/pax) which is fine for working adults but it might be a tad too steep for schooling youngsters.

On the other hand the lunch menu, which features set meals like the Salmon Teriyaki Set, is much kinder to the wallets of students as their set meals are priced around $15 (average/pax). Thus there is hope afterall, for all the young gentlemen who would like to impress their lady girlfriend with a fantastic Japanese meal! (P/S: Valentine's Day is coming!!!)

For customers looking to drive to Kenhiru Japanese Restaurant, there is a public carpark available in the area however do note that it is a 5-10 mins walk away from the restaurant — especially if your female date is decked in her favourite pair of killer heels.

With that concern in mind, the restaurant has kindly arranged valet service for all their driving guests so you may drive to Kenhiru Japanese Restaurant in comfort and enjoy your sumptuous Japanese meal with them!

Recommended dishes to try: Kawa Ebi Karaage ($11.80), Iberico Kushi Yaki ($22.80), Iberico Pork Rack ($39.80)

Note: Kenhiru Japanese Restaurant will be officially starting their business as of 30 January 2016. This post was kindly sponsored by Kenhiru Japanese Restaurant.

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