DRUM TAO: Hyakka Ryoran Hanabi

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Last week, I was invited by VizPro events to attend the premiere performance by Japan's most celebrated company of martial arts drummers, DRUM TAO!

Drum Tao is back in Singapore this year to present their brand new show “HYAKKA RYORAN ~HANABI” (otherwise known as "HYAKKARYORAN ~The World of Japan~") at the brand new Mediacorp theatre situated at 1 Stars Avenue, Singapore 138507.

Together with my girls Michelle, Kaela and Kiyoko at The Theatre @ Mediacorp

The Japanese Drum Art performance is produced by Director Amon Miyamoto, Costume Designer Junko Koshino and Stage Designer Rumi Matsui, all who became the first Asian team on Broadway who received FOUR Tony Award nominations for the musical “Pacific Overtures”.

Now, they have reunited for DRUM TAO’s latest show “HYAKKARYORAN ~The World of Japan~” which has made a huge splash throughout Japan and marked a record of over 150,000 spectators in a single show!!

DRUM TAO made their first big hit in 2004 when they attended the world’s largest festival of the arts – the Edinburgh Festival Fringe – and made No.1 box-office smash hit of the festival in spite of their first participation.

Following with their win at The Festival Fringe, DRUM TAO has spread their success overseas and ran a three month long tour in Germany and Australia as their first world tour career.

They have also been invited to perform at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010, and since then every single of their 50 shows during their first North American tour (visiting 44 cities) has been sold-out!

DRUM TAO is now expanding worldwide and has performed for up to 6.5 million spectators in over 22 countries, 400 cities!

Their new show “HYAKKARYORAN ~The World of Japan~” promises more explosive and dynamic drumming and a dramatic plot that would transport the audience into the world of TAO with beautifully choreographed moves and music.

The musicianship, athleticism, humour, and choreography together with explosive traditional Taiko drumming has had critics raving about the group's extraordinary precision, energy, and stamina when they performed in Japan.

Supernaturally fit and superbly trained… Stunning… Fully deserving of the standing ovation that the company receives.
- Herald
Extraordinarily talented percussion artists,and they’re seductive, alluring performers.
- Chicago Tribune
You'll regret for your life if you miss this.
Undoubtedly one of the finest shows on offer.

TAO has been rewriting the whole story of traditional Japanese Drum and it proudly stays one and only, and yet the greatest of all Japanese Drum Performers in Japan.

Rating: 4/5

My two (amateur) cents:

To be really honest, I was hesitant to accept the invite when I first received it. It was my first traditional musical performance in a long time (by long, I meant that the last show I caught was 8 years ago 😱) and I almost knocked off asleep during that previous performance. #crudebuttrue

However Drum Tao proved to be unlike any musical experience that I have ever had! The performance started off with a fast rhythm that kicked me wide awake, and oh don't get me started on the hot-looking Japanese guys!! *woosh wipes sweat*

Then came the ladies who amazed me because their movements were so graceful in their kimono — how do they dance and still beat the drum in that tight dress?!?! — and yet they were able to produce drum rhythms that were hard and steady.

The show was alluring from the start to the end. I am officially a fan of Japanese drummers because they gave me a new perspective on drums (that drums aren't loud and noisy!) and drums can be used to produce soft, soothing music.

Drum Tao's "Hyakka Ryoran Hanabi" ran from 7-9 Jan 2016, and tickets were available at all SISTIC channels. Prices start from $68, $88, $108 to $128 (exclude booking fee).

Join Drum Tao's fan club (click 'here to go to TAO Club) and to get the latest information on their shows, pre-sale tickets and their merchandise.

Note: This post was kindly sponsored by Drum Tao, Viz Pros Events and The Influencer Network.

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