You know, how some people would sometimes stir trouble in your life for no apparent reason?

All of their false accusations, unnecessary mean and humiliating words that cut through your heart like a dozen pair of knives? You feel so shitty and a big "WHY?" keeps on going round and round your head. You want to do something about it but you can't seem to come to a decision because your heart and mind is already so messed up.

Here's an advice from me: Go look for someone whom you know has the power to intervene, but don't look for that person for the purpose of intervention (not yet at least). Look for the person to get advice. Look for that person to make him/her aware of the matter so that something can be done if the worst is to ever arrive. Look for that person to give you suggestions on what you can do that is within your power, after all.. isn't it better if you can resolve things on your own?

Sometimes people act immaturely and it makes you wonder if you should be the bigger person by acting maturely, or to fight fire with fire by acting immaturely too.

Here is a wise advice: Be that bigger person and act maturely, not for the sake of acting maturely but for the sake of
accomplishing your part of being responsible. It doesn't matter how the other party reacts to your mature act. At least you did your part of being responsible and mature, so one day if you ever need to tell an authoritative figure, you wouldn't feel foolish and embarrassed. Do what would make you stand tall and proud. Do not do anything that you know that you shouldn't tell or would bring you regret in life. Be the one whose pre-frontal cortex has developed.

When I first heard this song, it vaguely reminded me of the days when I got bullied. I had a feeling of distance.

Today, I can relate to this song very well and it brings me comfort and hope. I hope to whoever that is being bullied at wherever you are, this song can make you feel a little better, about yourself and about the future.

Stay strong.

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