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I always knew that my skin complexion wasn't the best in the world but at least.. it was pretty good.

I have zits every now and then but it would be that one or two (when I get lazy and don't wash my face after using make-up remover wipes)(what?! don't judge!), and the last time that I had a terrible break-out was during my puberty period.

But I have HUGE CLOGGED pores around my cheeks, and they annoy the hell out of me. I used to pack more BB cream on so as to cover it. It worked for awhile.. just awhile :(

So! You can imagine my excitement when Fresver Beauty invited me for a facial treatment session!

I had never ever gone for a facial before this. This was my virgin trip!!

I had always wanted to go for a facial session because I have heard about all the benefits that it can bring... but it is so hard to pick which beauty centre I should go to, is there any near my place (because I am all for convenience!!), which package should I take, what do I want from my facial treatment, are the benefits what I am looking for.. There are just so many factors to take into consideration!!

It was so mind-boggling that I gave up and pushed the idea to the back of my head.

Thankfully I had the professional staff at Fresver Beauty to solve all of my worries!! (The woman in the pic not a staff k! She's a customer... I think!)

I was supposed to pick 1 out of 4 available types of facial treatment. I stared at my laptop for over an hour with a very serious expression on my face, trying to decide which of the 4 treatments that I should take.

Rod commented that if anyone didn't know, they would think that I am a studious student, working on her project and trying to solve a very very difficult problem, but in actual fact I am just a bimbotic girl who can't decide which facial treatment she should pick -_-

Because of my indecisive-ness, I decided to hand my face into the hands of the staff at Fresver Beauty. Before my trip, I arranged for a skin analysis and consultation session with them, and to have them decide for me on which type of facial treatment would best suit the needs of my face!

During my skin analysis session, the beauty consultant told me that I had huge pores (sigh) and that there was something clogging up my pores! That thing is called an oil clot, and it is a result of not having properly removed my make-up after my application each time!! Boohoo! Karma for being lazy!

And I also have this bad habit of squeezing my pimples. I haz itchy fingers!

My dad has always been telling me to let my pimples "ripe".. but I have never had the patience for it. Now I know why I should let my pimples ripe because through our naked eye, it seems okay to squeeze our pimples and that no harm is being done to our skin.

But in actual fact, a great deal of harm is done!

The beauty consultant used a microscope to magnify the condition of my facial skin, and she showed me the damage that I had done to my skin when I failed to resist my itchy fingers and squeezed my pimple!

I'm never squeezing my pimple ever again.

The beauty consultant recommended me to go for their IVR Plus Face Treatment as it would best suit my needs!

The IVR Plus Face Treatment is a 100% hands work treatment done by well-trained therapists, it stimulates the lymphatic system’s natural flow by unclogging the pathways leading to the lymph nodes located on the face, eyes, neck, chest and shoulder.

Depending on each skin type, four different kind of custom-blended massage oils specifically dedicated for IVR Plus Face treatment will be used. These massage oils provide a natural way to facilitate the cleansing of the lymph system by decongesting the lymph, improving the overall facial lymphatic circulation.

A human body has approximately 500 to 600 lymph nodes in our body that play an important part of the immune system! Half of the total numbers of these lymph nodes are actually in our facial region!!

As the lymphatic system does not have a central pump like the heart, the lymph fluid is circulated by the movement of the muscles and the action of breathing.

The lymphatic system is a complex network consisting of lymph nodes and vessels. It plays a crucial role as a drainage system to remove waste, debris and toxins from our body. The lymphatic system, when functioning properly, helps maintain a healthy immune system and the holistic well being of the body.

Unfortunately, several factors including stresses in modern living, a largely sedentary lifestyle as well as inadequate or irregular exercise may cause the waste to accumulate and our facial lymph system to become sluggish.

With a slower drainage of toxins, it results in congested skin that looks puffy, patchy, dull with enlarged pores, and even prone to break-outs.

However, regular exercise, deep breathing and a good massage(!!!) can help boost our body's detoxification process!

You will be led to an individual massage room for your treatment! Privacy ✓

The treatment starts on the neck in slow and smooth circular movements of the hands and fingertips. This rhythmic face massage manipulates the lymphatic vessels, helping to increase the circulation of clearing excess fluids and waste proteins. It is an effective and natural method to keep your lymphatic system working more optimally for your well-being.

The IVR Plus Face Treatment improves the skin’s Immunity, Vitality and Rejuvenation and many more!

It provides 10 benefits without any complicated procedures or use of chemicals!

  1. Detoxifies skin which helps to boost its immunity
  2. Promotes cell renewal which restores vitality
  3. Refreshes and rejuvenates
  4. Oxygenates and purifies
  5. Improves blood circulation and brings balance to skin
  6. Reduces puffiness of face and facial fatigue
  7. Provides lifting effect
  8. Reduces eye bags, dark circles and lifts droopy eyes
  9. Reduces hyper-pigmentation and reveals bright and radiant appearance
  10. Increases resilience to bacteria attack resulting in reduced acne outbreaks

Do take note!!!

This treatment is unsuitable for pregnant women or anyone suffering from sunburns, open wounds or essential oil allergies!!

And here is a before-after photo of the IVR Plus Face Treatment!

Amazing results huh?!!!

It actually looks even better in real life. My pores have shrunk significantly. My complexion was glowing radiantly for about roughly 2 weeks after the treatment session, and my facial skin still looks really really healthy now! It is something that has never happened for me before.

I had really bad eye bags too.. due to all my late nights. After my treatment session, I saw an obvious reduction in my eye bags and a lightening of my dark eye circles!

Another effect from the IVR Plus Face Treatment that made me really happy... my jaw bones are now much more prominent and my face shape is more V due to the lifting effect of the treatment session! Every vain girl loves a more defined jaw line!!


For a limited period of time, Fresver Beauty is extending a special promotion to all of my blog readers!

All you have to do is to quote “Blogger-Sophie” and get an exclusive one-time trial of IVR Plus Face Treatment at $58 (usual price $380)

For appointment, please call any of the 3 branches.

840 Hougang Central, #01-04, S538757
Tel: 6100 1513

14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #05-18, S228213
Tel: 6100 8108

5 Tampines Central 6 Telepark, #01-23, S529482
Tel: 6100 1030

Terms & Conditions
Exclusive for new customers. Only valid for Singaporeans, PRs, Employment Pass or S Pass Holders age 23 to 60 years old. Limited to one redemption per customer. Strictly by appointment, please arrive 15 minutes earlier and present identity card upon redemption. Treatment will only proceed after skin analysis. If skin needs beyond aesthetic treatments, we will advise customer to specialist. Fresver Beauty reserves the right to amend any terms and condition without prior notice.


Give your face the good massage that it deserves!

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