Woodlands Waterfront

About a week ago, I went to Woodlands Waterfront to snap sunset pictures for a project!

(Credits: Joey)

It is my.. 4th time there.

List of reasons for my previous trips:
  1. Went there to sunset with my family
  2. Went there with Rod to have a picnic
  3. Went there with my sister on her wedding day to take wedding shots
  4. Went there to take sunset pictures for project

(Credits: Joey)

If you are into monkeys, there are a ton there. Bat (pronounced as "but") says that there are really friendly and they are like cats? She was surrounded by a troop of monkeys (young and old) and she was happily patting each of them on their heads!!

I've got a bad experience with monkeys... got hissed at by one at Bukit Timah Hill when I was 13 or 14? The stupid monkey wanted to snatch away an UNOPENED packet of roller coaster rings from my hands when I was refilling my bottle at the refill water fountain! #suckermonkey

(Credits: Joey)

But anyway, I have to agree that the monkeys seen at Woodlands Waterfront are damn cute!

(Credits: Joey)

(Credits: Joey)

(Credits: Joey)

(Credits: Joey)

Okay, enough with the monkey photos. Let's look at some humans now.

One of those typical.. "I take picture of you while you are taking picture of me" picture. It's pretty much inevitable to take one of such pictures if the purpose of your trip is related to photography, and there is more than one camera in the group :/

Took a picture with Bat!

I was threatening Joey that I would flung her little doggy into the deep seas with just a simple flick of my arm!

Newly-opened halal seafood restaurant, situated right at the dock!!

I didn't eat at the restaurant but I did check out the menu and the prices are... HOLY EXPENSIVE! They doubled the prices for all of their dishes (eg. a plate of veg could be $6 at a normal tze char stall that you find below your block, but this restaurant is selling it for $12!!!) and I don't know about their main dishes but I bought a chicken wing, it was insanely expensive and wasn't nice at all.

This ONE freaking chicken wing cost me $2.55!!!!

Most expensive + soggy chicken wing ever!!!

Not much captions for the pictures today because there wasn't anything much to say and the words might have ruined the feeling of tranquility that the pictures present.

I love such pictures of nature. I feel all airy fairy now.. like I'm floating on the clouds..

*bounce bounce*

Have an awesome day!


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