Before I zonk out...


This week has been a terribly busy week! And it doesn't help things did not go quite as well this week! :(

I'm not going to talk about it because the last thing I want is to exploit and misuse the purpose of social media. Besides, it is not my kind of thing to garner undesired negative attention.

Now, onto more happy things!

CHINESE NEW YEAR WILL BE HERE IN A WEEK!!! Have you bought your new clothes yet?

Unfortunately for me, I will be too swamped up with projects, presentations, reports and upcoming exams.. hence I don't think I will get the chance to go new year shopping! BUT!! Lucky that I am a shopaholic, so there are still a couple of clothes in my wardrobe which are still unwashed and brand new! I'm gonna be digging them out to wear during CNY!

I am looking forward to Chinese New Year this year because.. I WILL BE RECEIVING A RED PACKET FROM MY SISTER!!!


Hang in there if the upcoming week is going to be a tough week for you! Just keep in mind that CNY is just around the corner, which also means soon you will get the breather you so badly require and deserve!!

Soph <3

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