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Today I'll be introducing one of the few eateries that I found in 2013, which are not your common eateries, it serves excellent food (in my opinion) at a damn cheap price (judging based on the current economy and market) and it is one of the few eateries which I would highly recommend to my friends!

This eatery is situated near Haji Lane, so do patronise them when you are at Bugis!

Liberty @ 247 Beach Road
Singapore 189756
Opening hours: 12pm to 12am
Phone number: 6297 9247

Information obtained from their facebook page (Click 'here' to view it)

If you have been following me on Instagram, you would know that I have mentioned this eatery before and how very much I love it! It is quaint place tucked in a street amidst lots of other eateries, the food is good (how many times have I mentioned this point already?!!) and the service is DAMN GOOD!!

It is that kind of place that makes you keep wanting to go back for the food and the atmosphere.. It really is a good place to chill out and relax!

Liberty is a pub/restaurant; I have patronised them before both during lunch and dinner hours. Their set lunch is fabulously delicious and the price is unbelievably cheap!

Lunch: Liberty Beef Burger (mine) & Liberty Club Sandwich (Rod's).
$8.90 for 1 set lunch, inclusive of a drink from the drink menu!

Around the week of Christmas 2013, I decided to drop by Liberty again (armed with a compact camera this time) to do a review during their dinner hours. Dinner was as wonderful as lunch!

There is something about chalks and a blackboard which makes a place seem
more homey and relaxing..

Upon entering the restaurant, I was greeted by their friendly staff who approached with friendly smiles and a warm service. They showed us (Rod and I) to our seats and subsequently brought us their menu. I was too in awe by their interior d├ęcor - which was even more beautiful when seen in the night than in the day - to look at the menu. For once, food came second.

I love love love the lights! The 2 picture that I took does it no justice at all! You have got to go see for yourself! Then again, I took these around the Christmas season so the lighting which you see now might be different..

BUT!!! I bet the lights at the back of the restaurant are still there (ie. the blue "light bulbs" that you see in the picture). This might seem nothing to you but I am all about DIFFERENT!

The bar (and the bartender) where all the drinks are prepared

Now let's bring in the food pics!!!! (What's a food review without seeing food pics, right??)

Like what I mentioned earlier on, I went during dinner hours this time to try out their dinner sets. Their dinner sets came with either a choice of their soup of the day or dessert of the day, and a drink of your choice from their dinner drinks menu.

Soup of the day: Homemade Tomato Soup

I've had my fair share of tomato soups. Most of them look.. red. Artificial colouring, I suppose.

I once read this magazine article which says that colour plays an important factor to how we interpret the taste of a food. An experiment was carried out - a group of people were asked to take part in a tasting test - one group of food had its colour altered by artificial colouring, the other group of food had its colour kept natural; the taste for both groups of food were not altered. One of the food items was tomato, and all of the tasters said that the one which looked more red was tomato, whereas the one which did not have its colour altered was.. something other than tomato. #lol

Anyway back to this orange-coloured homemade tomato soup. With or without the cream.. IT TASTES SUPER GOOOOOOD!!!

It is thick (note: NOT STARCHY) and brimming with taste! This was a great as an appetizer because it totally got my appetite working and made me hungry for my main!

As you can see from the picture above, drinking isn't the only movement involved when consuming this bowl of soup, because of the ACUTAL tomatoes that they used, hence a bit of chewing is required as well! Initially I thought it was starch and was quite disgusted but after taking a closer look, I realised that it was tomatoes and I got so excited!

Let me explain my excitement: there is this thing about seeing an orange coloured tomato soup + actual tomatoes inside the soup, which makes me feel like the soup isn't filled with preservatives (like most tomato soups) and so.. being served healthy food which tastes so damn good makes me a HAPPY HAPPY GIRL! (:

Rating: 10/10 (I tried finding fault with this dish but I couldn't find any!!!)

Black pepper beef with mushrooms (sides: salad and choice of white rice or butter rice)

I chose had to choose white rice because they had run out of their butter rice already #aww

Honestly, I had no idea that this would be what I ordered because after reading their description in the menu, I pictured a completely different thing in my mind. But anyhow, it tastes really really good as well, hence it makes up for the lack of description in their menu.

The beef was tender. The mushrooms are not overcooked and still retain their "mushroom" taste. The salad was alright. The white rice was soft and moist (good for people who have indigestion or for people who prefer thoroughly cooked white rice in general!)

Rating: 8.5/10 (Would give 9/10 if I got to try their butter rice and if the butter rice tastes good!)

A more artsy shot of my main

Christmas Ham

This was from their Christmas Specials 2013 menu. I don't think they serve this anymore but if you are dying to try it, go check them out during the christmas season this year? (Have fun waiting for the next 11 months to pass!)

Rod claimed that this is one of the better Christmas hams that he has ever ate, and each slice of ham was rather thick!! (LOOK AT THE PIC FOR EVIDENCE!)

The pineapple was aptly sweet and tasted great when taken with the Christmas ham! The salad is the same as what I had for my main. The potato was shallow-fried and lightly seasoned with some salt (Potato lovers, WATCH OUT!!! This potato side is hard to stay away from!)

Rating: 9/10 (The overall taste was great however I feel that the portion being served could be a little more..)

Dessert of the day: Strawberry Cheesecake

The taste was okay, however the portion was really pathetic. It was so small that you can finish it in just one bite.

Then again the good thing of having such a small portion is that you won't have an issue with wasting food, especially if you had ordered other appetizers in the beginning or a heavy main.

Rating: 7.5/10


I was catching up with my cousin the other day and because we were both big fans of food, we were sharing with each other the eateries that we like! Somewhere in the midst of the conversation, she realised that I have a 'thing' for Bugis because most of the food places that I like are at Bugis!

Well.. I personally think that Bugis is a mysterious place and so I'm always there? I like all the shophouses and all the many small alleys.. and so I never know what I might discover around the next corner and when I find something amazing, I find it so thrilling, so fulfilling and so satisfying! Nonetheless, this is just my personal opinion!

Going to Bugis again later today to have Moroccan food at Arab Street! Rod likes the Moroccan food there, especially the spiced rice. Another awesome thing that I like about Bugis is the arcade at Bugis+!! Shall share in another post why specifically the arcade there!

Soph <3

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