Not what I signed up for

I took my mobility supplementary exam today. Comments? IT SUCKED.

It doesn't help that I spent so much freaking time in school on it today, made a whole lot of effort to study it and tried my best to do it right yet... I still flunk it. I flunked all my 3 bloody attempts. I've got one last chance tomorrow. *cross fingers*

Here I am trying to get all the terms and logics of Human Anatomy into my head... And there is this small little voice in my head asking me: "What are you doing?" Very frankly, I have no shitting idea.

Give me a chance and I might just choose to be a math tutor for the rest of my life. Sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and definitely, a lack of moral degradation. What it feels like now is how I felt when I studied for A level Chemistry. I had no bloody idea how I was ever going to apply what I learn and it wasn't getting to me at all.

Ironically now, I'm in a health science education... which means studying parts of the human body is applicable and TECHNICALLY it should be getting to me... Right?

*hits the buzzer* DEHHHHH! WRONG!

It doesn't help either when my parents are traditionalists and thinks that I should finish what I started, no matter what. This is a career for heaven's sake. Not just an education.

Honestly honestly honestly... What do I want...?


Realised that a little too late now huh? Sucks to be me. FML.

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