When your boy goes out with his buddies, stays up the whole night and texts you at 6am in the morning when he's on his way home, that he's been thinking of you the whole night...



Throughout his night out with his buddies, he hadn't failed to notify me where he was whenever they had a change of venue.

I asked, "Where are you now? Have you had your dinner?"
He replied me on iMessage, "Otw there now." When he arrived at the restaurant, he whatsapped me his location. FYI I didn't ask him to! He made an extra effort to do it, out of his own accord.

After dinner, he went with his friends to kbox. I was fast asleep by then. It was meant to simply be a nap, but after a long day in school and a major project on hand, I gave into my body's cry for some proper rest. Reception sucked on his phone, so he borrowed his friend's phone to drop me a text stating where he was at the moment. Again, extra effort made out of his own accord.

The little extra efforts made that could have gone unnoticed and uncredited are worth every bit of acknowledgement and accreditation. Why so? I have listed below on the reasoning thought up by me.

1. He knows that I'm worried.
2. He cares for me. (link to point #1)
3. Proves that he WAS thinking about me.
4. He BOTHERED to make the effort. (In my case, I think that this is a VERY VERY IMPORTANT point!)
5. He knows clearly what is the right thing to do, and doesn't just think the thoughts. He processes his thoughts and acts on them, because he knows that it is what he is suppose to do.

Yes, you can say that I am a very stringent girlfriend. I wouldn't deny it. I can be cutesy and lovey, however rules are rules, and limitations are limitations.

Sometimes it takes for a mirror to crack before you actually do realise the thing that you really are looking at. Perhaps you've just been seeing it and you haven't actually been looking at it. Do you get what I'm saying? I think I do.. I'm not quite sure. I swear that all the working on the Project has made a little ding-dong!

5 months till my next 45 days vacation. Go go go!

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