Like in 2008

My hair looks just like how it did in 2008 when I was at Perth. And the size of my face is an inch close to that too. Okay probably my whole figure. What ever happened to my high metabolism rate? I think I should go work at Esprit for another 3 months again.. Shed all the weight gained away. However, the work there is ultra dull and the pay is absolutely like CRAP. *shudders*

I went with Roddy to MEMA (Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium) today. Pictures will be up soon. The exhibition was pretty interesting. I did some colouring too. (lolol!)

It's good to know that my boyfriend really loves me because he just sat there beside me playing his phone while I grabbed different colours of oil pastel crayon, adding colours to my paper models. He even told me "Don't you dare give up! You have only a bit left till you finish colouring!" Ha! Awesome encouragement. Then again, now I'm starting to wonder if he cheered me on so I would be preoccupied and that would leave him more time to play his game on his phone. Hmmmmm.

Oh btw. The 3-day diet plan that was recommended to me by my aunt. Yeah.. I guess it does work. However I didn't lose 5kgs. I only lost around 1-2? However I didn't exactly keep to the plan 101%, soo.... ya. I'll be trying it again though! All the extra weight that I've put on from having gone to Sentosa twice for 2 days straight consecutively. All the rich-flavoured, exquisite and expensive food. Bet they were loaded with calories as well.

I kinda regret snipping away my gorgeous long wavy long hair that curled naturally at the ends. However they were really dry and the weather was torturous. Also, a certain fella thinks that I look super mature and old with my long hair and he wouldn't have gone close to me if I hadn't cut my hair short. *nudges Mr Woo*

Life is often so unpredictable, throwing you hints via intuition and if you choose to ignore these little hints to magnificent presents that lies await for you, then there goes your chance with it.

I had an intuition to slice my hair, I did, and although I do miss my long hair, I'm glad that I did chop off my long hair. I'll never forget that day when my hairdresser grabbed my long hair in a loose ponytail, took a pair of scissors and just snipped away my long hair effortlessly, without even lifting his head once to look at my facial expression. I remember myself taking in a sharp intake of breath and I held it there for quite awhile as the truth sank in slowly. I was going to have short hair.

And now, I'm going to have long hair again. Hahaha!

I love having my pretty crown of glory and it is time for me to shut my eyes and sleep. I've had a really long day. More precise details soon. X

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