Fall is coming!

I need to stop being so sloppy and get back in the swing of fashion. I dress like an auntie nowadays. So horrible. I blame it on all the cheapo clothes that I've bought from the fleas at NYP and online. Seldom is the material good and mostly, the cutting sucksssssss.

I should have known better. I can never pull shitty cutting off. It's the reason why I insisted on validating all my clothes personally before I purchased them in the past. I need to give myself two tight slaps in the face and be more diligent in keeping up my fashion front. Those days filled with heels, blazers and hats. So glorious.

Those days are returning. I went with Rod to RWS today. My boy is sleeping happily on a king-size bed now whereas I'm home in my super-single size bed. Talk about fairness. We bought a deal which comprised of a night at Festive Hotel, in-room dining and tickets to Maritime Experiential Museum. It cost around $200++? I can't really remember. My mother insisted that I come home to sleep so okay, that explains why I'm home now. My boy deserves a great luxurious rest anyway. School + Work.. AND ME, I'm sure it tires him out like crazy (Awww...)

I wore a purple tank top, tucked into a navy blue bandage skirt. Had a red bra on which peeped through the rather thin material of my purple tank top, revealing just enough so that it isn't far too much. I topped everything off with a white blazer, the necklace he bought me, my usual accessories (bead bracelets and earstuds) and a leather bracelet too. Chose a pair of brown boots which I bought from my trip to Taiwan last year, to match my outfit.

However that outfit didn't last long... because I hadn't worn the brown boots in a long time, the sole isn't sticking to the base of the shoe anymore :( gotta send it to the cobbler to be fixed! Had to drop by Tampines to get a pair of cobalt blue flat pumps because I doubt my boots would last the whole day. Rod was more than happy to see me switch to a lower pair of shoes *roll eyes*

Ah well... I'm planning to dress a little more casual tmr. Everyone in the hotel seemed less dressed up as compared to how I was. Probably because it's a hotel aka their "home away from home". So who really dresses up at home?

Smart but casual. The good days are coming back and I have to deck myself out in autumn colours.

I have no idea on what I should do with the pile of crappy clothing hidden in my wardrobe. They are so sucky that you wouldn't even believe it. I swear I'll never buy anything o line ever ever again, other than polishes aside. Save all the money up for Top Shop, Zara, H&M and all the other proper stores in Singapore. I don't care about how much more money I can save by shopping online. Just give me clothes that will fit me well and make me feel beautiful instead of atrocious. I'll pay whatever that is necessary.

I'll admit, I'm no budget barbie. And I don't wish to be one. Better fitting clothes! Urrgh!!!!

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