Wish Upon A Star

I don't remember when the tears stopped flowing. Don't remember when my heart turned cold. I just want to get out of this room, this emptiness... my memories... I need to shift my attention away. But to what?

I wish I never have to wake up from my slumber. I wish I can continue sleeping on and on, and never have to wake up. I want to continue sleeping so I can continue dreaming, because in my dreams, I see you.
Can someone please turn my dream into reality...?

Every dusk, I sit by my window, looking up into the sky, trying to catch my first star.. But for the past few nights, no stars have appeared in the sky. What happened to all the stars..? Where did they go..?
'Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.'
Someone grant me my wish, please...

Tell me who to hate, who to blame, who to scream at? I'm tired of crying.. I sick of feeling so weak. Do you know what I'm going through? I loved you so deeply, and out of nowhere, a girl pops out and ruins everything. I saw with my own two eyes how our supposedly happy future 'popped' like a bubble.. Do you know how many silent tears I've shed...? Do you know about all the bitterness I have in me..? What else can I possibly do, but grit my teeth and continue living through each day? And every night before I sleep... My tears flow down my cheeks... I'll cross my fingers, close my eyes, and I'll wish hard, I'll pray hard, for a miracle..

Crying makes me tired. I'm tired now.

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