Silent whispers: I miss you... Terribly..

I'm feeling terrible now. I don't wanna talk. But my phone just won't stop vibrating. I need a break from my social life. Fucking leave me alone ok? It's pretty obvious that when I don't reply you, it means that I don't wanna talk to you now. In fact, I don't wanna talk to anyone now. I just want some time alone. Some peace. Some quiet. So just fucking leave me alone will you. Stop stalking me on facebook. This is MY LIFE. Am I required to report to you, to explain to you, every fucking thing I do? Who are you to me? You are nothing, you are no one. Now fucking leave me alone. If you are really that bored, go fuck your sister or you mom. Stop pestering me.

I'm not in a good mood now.

Off to my private blog. Bye.

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