Robbed of my beauty sleep.

That Chuan Su Jean, woke me up from my beauty sleep just to upload pictures on Facebook. I was suppose to only upload 3 pictures but I ended up uploading everything so I could quickly go back to sleep even any disturbance again. In the end, I couldn't get back to sleep after I've uploaded everything. Oh bother!

Initially, I only had the intention to upload these 3 pictures!

But I kind of ended up uploading a hell lot more. You wanna see them? Go facebook. The pictures are all under CJ girlfriends (:. Don't ask me to upload here, I'm far too lazy to re-size all the pictures. Especially since I've uploaded them on facebook anymore, no point doing the same job twice yeah?

Gosh, my hair looks so fugly can! So messy :( I guess that's what happens after PE. The most horrendous lesson in a JC timetable. Furthermore, its twice a week, an hour per session. Seriously, just kill me. PE and me, no affinity at all. I'm starting to wonder why I used to love PE back in my primary school days, and my ambition was to be a PE teacher. Maybe its because PE was all just fun and games back then, playing ball games, catching, freeze-and-melt, those were the glorifying days. Unlike now, when we are forced to attain a fagging SILVER for NAPHA, fail your 2.4km by 5 seconds and you got to re-do the whole entire shit again (Yes, I failed my 2.4km, laugh all you want sucker!). And just because I failed my 2.4km, I'm being placed into some shit specialisation program in which I got to run 2.4km twice a week, and after each run, I need to run/jog/walk another 6 more rounds?! FML.
Overall conclusion: PE sucks.

More photos would be coming soon because tomorrow is Wan Lin's Birthday! I've yet to make her birthday card though. I'm gonna require large amounts of determination and perseverance because I am so not in the mood to make a birthday card now. The internet seems so much more interesting at the moment. Well, actually, it seems interesting all the time.

Gonna blog at private blog. Today is day 97. 3 more days and it'll be a 100 days already. When was the last time you read it..? Have you read my recent entries? Did you read my thoughts? Did you comprehend those unspeakable words of mine? I guess I'll never get the answer to these questions because I can't get the answer to the most basic question of all. Did you read our private blog? Honestly, I don't think you did...

Ok, I'm gonna end it here today. Xoxo.

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