Don't tell me to take things easy when you're one of those making it hard for me.

Annoyed? Very much. Pissed? Definitely. Sad? Unfortunately, yes.

I'm NOT allowed to spout any vulgarities because its unbecoming of a girl. *rolls eyes* So, I am gonna express my current emotions with other words found in the dictionary.

I changed my blog song, again. What you all might not know is that each chosen blog song depicts my current mood, my current thoughts. I've been dying to get this song as my blog song since a long long time ago, but I didn't because my whole mood and thoughts just didn't fit the song entirely. And I'm proud to announce that at this very moment, it fits!

Ok, I must admit that one of the attributing factors is the roaring anger in me, at the moment. Its kind of my way of defiance and protest. In a rather silent manner? What a contradiction.

Whenever I listen to this song, there is this one part of the lyrics which I find ironical. But she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts. She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers. Hmmmm. I wear short skirts. And I was a cheer captain before. (Yeah go on, laugh your head off. I was once a cheer captain, so funny right? Haha. Morons.)
Not allowed to talk about... AHEM. So I'm keeping mum on that part of my thoughts. I've received complaints that the things I write on this public blog is much too private to be written here. *rolls eyes*

What ever happened to blog rules 101? My blog, my world. I write whatever I want and you aren't suppose to interfere/comment as a reader. You either read and shut up or get the hell out of my blog because I don't need your measley readership. Sorry, I'm just really pissed. *folds arms and gives a killer look*

Very tempted to write something offensive to piss another person off but a promise is a promise. And I am a person who keeps to her promises. So I'm doing my best to extract my 'Little Miss Nicey' side out of me. But I'm still feeling very much annoyed. Don't like people messing around with my blog entries. Kind of explains why comments aren't allowed and I don't have a tagboard? Because I don't want any limitations to my thoughts and whatsoever. Some people just don't get it, do they? Whatever~
*shoves a hand into the person's face* Talk to my hand, talk to my hand.

Don't you go off complaining again unless you're feeling guilty about something! Everyone can be my witness, I haven't written any names or specify a gender, so none of you know who I'm talking about right! Even if you do, shut up and pretend you don't. I'm in denial.

I'm not allowed to say the other side of my thoughts so I guess there is nothing more for me to rant here. Good day to all of you.


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