Blood Donation Drive 2010

It is in your blood to save lives.

I was introduced to a blood donation drive when I was in my first year at CJ.
I had always wanted to try donating blood, I was curious about the experience.
It was said that you would feel GREAT after donating blood, like a great sense of satisfaction.
Think of it this way, you're feeding blood to a hungry vampire and because of you, the vampire feels so much better.
Ok, then again, I'm exaggerating. Please do not take that for serious.
But still, I'm totally serious about the great sense of satisfaction.

On wednesday, CJC Blood Donation Drive 2010 started.
And I went for it. On my own.
Not because I'm a fucking loser so I went for it on my own ok?
My girlfriends were either underweight if not they were just... unavailable during that period of time :X
No further elaboration needed.
Furthermore, when I went for the blood donation, all of them were having their cca!

As I proceeded to the Auditiorium Extension, I was freaking out and talking to myself on the way. A bad habit which occurs when I'm nervous and I can't seem to kick it.
Baby says I'm nuts. Going to donate blood on my own. It's honestly not that bad honey!
So I went in, filled in the blood donation questionnaire, tested if I was suitable for blood donation and I passed the test! Went through the medical screening effortlessly. Got my blood sampled. And after all the nitty gritty stuff, it was time for me to donate blood!

Before I proceed into the description on blood donation, I have to comment on something first.
I realise that I get bruised super easily! Because the nurse punctured my finger for a blood sample, and then around that would a bruise appeared.
Is it just me or what?

Back to the main story. To prevent blood donors from screaming in pain throughout the process, we're injected with a small amount of painkiller before the donation.
So the nurse wiped my left arm's skin with an antiseptic wipe, gave me the painkiller. Wiped away the blood oozing out from the wound caused by the injection. Wiped my skin with another antiseptic wipe and then..... I didn't stopped looking at the process.
It is so sick to see the yakult-straw thick needle being inserted into your skin and then it gets pushed into your veins and then you can feel that sucking feeling in which your blood is being extracted out from you.
Everything was going okay, and I was about to finish donating my blood already when I took a glance at the thick needle. I started feeling nauseous.
Yes, I am a hemophobic.
And so, the nurses stopped the blood donation. Really wasted, isn't it?
But still, i felt the great sense of satisfaction donating blood!
I was bandaged up with a pink smiley-face bandage! :D

The nurse told me that because of my fair complexion, and also because I moved my arm a little during the donation process, I will get a bad bruise.
And quite evidently, when I went home and took the bandage off, a bad nasty bruise was staring right back at me.

Oh and.. blood was still oozing out from the blood donation wound.
Possibly because I had to use my left arm during my Parent-Teacher Meeting duty. And also on my bus ride home, to prevent myself from falling. Stupid bus driver lah! Drive so fast and so reckless. Grumbles....

The next day (which is today), I started feeling the effects from the blood donation. My left arm is practically rendered useless. Can't lift objects which had quite an amount of weight.
So, I had to really depend on my right arm throughout the whole day.
But still, besides the bad bruise and the sore feeling in my left arm, I am still gonna go for the next blood donation which is 5 months later in August!
Wan Lin has promised to go with me already because she missed the chance this time, thanks to the fever that she got in the week before. According to the requirements for a blood donation, you can't fall sick 3 weeks in advance. Hahahaha.
Poor Wan Lin, she was so excited about getting her blood donated!

If you fulfill all the requirements for a blood donation, go get your blood donated.
You have got nothing to lose except for a few millilitres of blood.
And the benefits? Great sense of satisfaction. In addition, you're saving a life!
Stop all the nonsense about dying from blood donation. It is absolutely ridiculous.
Give Blood-Save Lives!!


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