Better days are back (:

Things between me and baby are alot better.
I guess we just had to thrash out everything that we were keeping in our hearts, and reach a level of compromisation.

Thank you to my girlfriends who have been there for me throughout this bad period.
And thank you to those people who showed me care and concern as well.
I'm sorry for freaking all of you out. Especially my family who had to suffer my tears along with me.

Okay, end of this sad chapter.
I've been ski-ing on the surface of happiness for a long time already.
I guess heaven decided to let me have a taste of unhappiness to remind me of the bliss that I am living in and to learn how to cherish it.
Ups and downs. This is life.

Common tests are merely a few weeks away. It is time for me to turn my focus back onto my studies.
I do not want a repitition of my mid-years last year where I scored all Us for my core subjects.
Be it for him or for me, that is what I should be doing now as a student.
I need to learn how to juggle studies, love, friends and fun all at the same time.
Not forgetting my duties and responsibilities as a HTC of course.
Speaking of that. It reminds me. I so badly wanted to be a PRC-scholar buddy.
I missed a chance in swiss because I wasn't in the bio classes, and now, I lose another chance because there aren't enough china girl students to pair up with?!
I think I'm destined to not get a PRC buddy.

Why am I even babbling? I sound like a goldfish. -.-
And my hamster is in his breeding period. I saw him "playing" with the wooden cube (his new sex toy) which baby's grandfather bought for fluffy.
Zzzz.. my hamster is such a sicko. I am half wondering now if Sparky's eyes got eaten or did it get... *coughs*
Shall not permit my thoughts to venture into that area. I've got little kids reading my blog. Not wise to talk about such stuff.

Next week is baby's mummy's birthday! She is holding a birthday party and I'm invited!
Half excited, half nervous. Lots of people are gonna be there.
Wish me luck peeps.


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