I haven't been active on my public blog lately. And I apologise for it.
It's not that there isn't anything interesting happening. Ok, besides baby's mummy's birthday, the start of Common Tests, and the END of Common Tests (Ha! For those peeps out there who have yet to take your CTs, I know you're jealous of me!!), I don't think there is much stuff that would be under the category of interesting.

Well, another reason why I couldn't be bothered to post anything up is because I've been too lazy to whip out my camera and snap pictures. Even if I do bring my camera around - eg. baby's place; I'm always so lazy to walk back to his room, zip open my bag, grab the camera then walk back out to take pictures. Yes, I'm a lazy girl. Too bad, it's in my blood!

Right, so yesterday (11 March 2010) signifies the end of my common tests period. (Yeah!!) Went out with girlfriends to have lunch, grab a movie and then home sweet home to sleep.
We went to eat Shodoku @ Cathay Cineleisure. Xinyi's recommendation. It is pretty good! I didn't bring camera along with me so no pictures. Sorry!!
If you ever do go there to eat, you might wanna share the Curry Rice set with a friend because it is extremely huge! The japanese pizza looks pretty good too! (Ordered by Denyce) I'm already planning what to eat when I go there the next time. (Sorry lah!! I know I'm very greedy.
Food is an essential delicacy which requires lots of attention, even for all the nitty gritty issues like sauce used and etc. Yes, I've got a picky mouth. Humph.

The movie that we watched was Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler. My first japanese movie EVER!

I would say that.. It is not too bad for a first japanese movie. Interesting storyline.
When I first saw the title of the movie, I was like "Okay.. Gambler, gambling, money and cards involved." But I only got part of it right. The gamblers were losers in life, who were always owing people money, always in debt, never have they studied hard, worked hard. They were real and practical LOSERS. So here comes a company, ever so nice and sweet. Willing to give them a second chance at life! They get aboard a ship called Espiro. And from there onwards, he goes through a bumpy ride to learn how to be alive.

I shan't say anymore, or I'll be ruining the show for people who are interested. I think that the interesting part of the movie is the deck of cards played at the end, called the E-Cards.

2 sets of cards - 1 emperor set, 1 slave set.
Each set has 5 cards composing of one main card (Either the emperor card or the slave card) and 4 other citizens card.

The games goes like this:
Naturally, a citizen is better than a slave. And the emperor is of course better than a citizen!
But, as a slave has nothing to lose, you are fearless. Whereas, as an emperor, you have got everything to lose because you are at the top of the social strata. Hence, the slave gains victory over the emperor card!

What happens in the game is that each time, both parties are required to pick one card and place it on the table. The slave set has to choose his card first and place his on the table, then the emperor set chooses and places his chosen card on the table. Then both parties open their cards at the same time.
If it is a citizen card against a citizen card, naturally it is a draw.
A emperor against a citizen, of course the emperor wins!
Citizen against slave, citizen wins!
Emperor against slave, slave wins!!

This is like a game which requires strategy instead of just banging around like some stupid mexican bull. I have no idea where I can get these cards so the best alternative is to make them myself!! Shall try the game out with baby this weekend. Nope, I am much too lazy to make the cards look damn nice or what. Just some paper, pen, write emperor, citizen and slave can already. :D
Am I smart or what?

Ok, I doubt you'll understand why this game is so interesting unless you watch the movie so I don't blame you. But!! I will blame you if I have to forsake any more of my beauty sleep to continue writing this entry since its 4AM in the morning already. I still need to wake up at 6.20AM later on to wake baby up for school! Its become my duty to wake him up since his parents have gone abroad.

Goodnight/Good Morning peeps. Xoxo.

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