laziness is at the top of my list!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

pa ta pa ta pa ta pa ta pa ta ta!

i'm suppose to be uploading the photos of finale night.
but i'm far too lazy to do so.
you cant really blame me,
every human is born with this lazy gene.
i shall do it when i'm happy.
for now, i will get absorbed in my own little happy world.
which would ONLY happen after i'm done crawling out of this pile of homework.
its only the first week of REAL schooling,
and the teachers are piling us up with work.
what magnificent brilliance!
there's chemistry, there's mathematics & a GP mini-project waiting for me.
the life of a JC student,
this is what its like,
& this is what i'm going through right at this moment.

i'm off to clear my homework. wish me luck!