Catholic Junior College!


what'd ya know!! i'm in junior college!!
okay, kinda expected. -.-

first off...

I LOVE IG 16!!!

missing all of you girls & guys so plentiful much.
especially our dearest IG facilitators, Guan Ling & Chang Yi.
because you guys were so enthusiastic,
the whole group got so HIGH too!
everyone bonded so perfectly well.
and just when everything was going on so brilliantly,
heaven had to be so mean as to separate us into our various classes.
honestly, for the first time in my life,
i've bonded so well with girls.
maybe i am really anti-social ..

now i'm in 1T36.
my class is really enthusiastic too!
well, they would have been if they werent so tired.
i guess the 6-days orientation camp has really worn them out.

tomorrow shall be the last day of my orientation camp.
the student council has installed a grand finale night for us.
cant waitttt!
i'm sooooo bringing my camera tomorrow.
gonna camwhore like madddddd.
since its the last day that IG16 can get together anyway.
the last time that we can go crazy~
as one i mean :D

i've been like chanting this cheer in my head for the whole day.
it keeps going round and round and round my head.


i guess i'm a little way too HIGH!
oops! :P

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