Anonymity will not be entertained.

For the last time, leave your NAME pleaseeeeee.

okay, totally no offence.
but it feels really awkward when i'm talking to "nobody".
i'm not saying that the person aint there,
but since the person refuses to leave his/her name.
its creates this exact feeling as though i'm talking to no one at all.
so kindly leave your name alright? :D
i'm not being rude or anything,
but i'll not be answering any questions if you refuse to leave your name.
i'm still glad though,
that you're taking time out to view my blog :D
so like any other polite people,
i'm gonna say: enjoy your stay here (:

ALRIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. enough of these freaking admin matters.
i've got no fishing idea why i'm even up at 10AM in the morning!
its either my biological clock has gone haywire,
or i've definitely tune into the life in Aussie during Summer.
the sun rises at 3AM in Aussie!! the time when i go to bed!!
what a contradiction~
big sis says that its really hot there right now.
& half the time, she spends the day sleeping..
what a pig!
i wonder how it'll be like during winter! really really cold i guess.
the icy, dry wind in Aussie can be quite a killer!
which then again reminds me,
i've got no wishes to be frozen in Aussie during winter.
especially since i wont be able to get warm cuddles within an arm's reach,
its wiser to stock up on those physical clothings!

one would say that its wiser to spend this time,
mugging my econs and studying my chemistry.
because i'm absolutely clueless on what econs is talking about,
and i cant solve any of the fishing questions for chemistry.
talk about being a whiz in chemistry in the past. *snorts*
thank goodness math is still solvable! after thinking for ages though.
yesterday, i spend a whole day!
thinking through this fishing Binomial Qn from HCJC.
& finally, my efforts were paid off!
i managed to get the solution after banging on the question umpteenth times!
(Ms Yang said: you should keep banging on the question, bang bang bang, till you get a crack and from there you can finally solve it! [okay, that sounds really wrong... but thats really what she said! :X ] )
after solving the fishing question,
i started complaining to honey on the questions that his school sets.
& he goes all..
its not my school.. its just that the question is tricky.
you've got to THINK OUT OF THE BOX!

pfffffffft~! there aint any box in the first place honey!
its just a freaking BINOMIAL QUESTION!!!!
yes i know, its just a speaking statement.
bah... dont mind me.
i'm just pissed off that i lost plenty of time solving this easy question.

is it just me? or because i'm a girl? or whatever reasons there are.
any song that has the words romeo or juliet would attract me naturally.
and by meaning of attraction,
i mean a deeeeeeeeeeeep attraction.
then again, maybe its just this song in particular.
Taylor Swift's Love Story.
in my whole 16 years of life,
i've never been deeply attached to any song.
not to say to favour any single song for such a long time.

no, i'm waiting for honey to wake up.
its a wonder that i sleep later than him,
but always end up being the earlier one who wakes up.
i'm sweeeeeeeettttt enough to not dig him up though.
then again, i might later when i'm really boredddddddd. teeheeeee.
ah hell... typing for the sake of passing time.
i shall go surf the net,
play a few random gameszxczczxcz...
perhaps i'll reminisce my childhood by playing looney tunes or scooby doo.
all in all. i'm bored. thats a fact not to be mistaken.
so long for now.

yes, its so bimbotic!
but for once i shall think just like Jama! PINK PHONES ROCKZXCZCZCXXZCZCXZC. :X

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