Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

Its the day of LOVE!!!

what a better way to spend valentine's day,
than making your boyfriend help you with your homework!
well, its not ALL of it anyway.
i merely asked him to TEACH me the work that i didnt know how to do.
& we didnt really spend the whole of V day doing just homework.
it'd be absolutely boring!!!

its not fair that everyone has a comic strip,
yet hon doesnt have one.
so here is his!!
behold... kenny's comic strip!!! LOL!

well.. we're not that boring to do homework all day.
so after having lunch at Jack's place,
we went for a movie! PINK PANTHER 2!!
seriously hilarious!! in for a comedy movie? this is your perfect choice!

we ended the day by walking back to my place as usual.
somehow, that long distance which i once walked alone,
didnt seem really that long when i'm walking with him.
time flew really quickly,
and lazy me who hated walking,
actually wished that the route home could be a little longer.
even a few minutes more with him seemed like eternal bliss.

for the first time in my life,
i had a decent Valentine's day.
i had a valentine.


be an aphrodite, give LOVE to everyone!

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