Happy Birthday Wu Shuang!

Birthday, it only comes once a year. & for some, it only comes once every 4 years..

My primary school best friend, Wu Shuang.
yeah yeah, those of you who know her,
would be going all gaga.
but hey! people change.
stop judging a book by its cover.
give a chance, she has turned over a new leaf!

Her birthday: 1 DEC 1992
she held a BBQ birthday party at her house last saturday (29/11)
& its rather obvious that she invited me.
i havent seen her in like.. 4 years?

& woah.. she has grown alot! in height!
169cm, i'm feeling intimidated beside her!

she still looks pretty much the same, in terms of facial features.
could recognise her immediately among the crowds of people.
pity, she couldnt recognise me immediately.
took her quite some time.. booohoooo!

her friends! & juniors!

& that is all!
pity i couldnt stay till the cake-cutting ceremony.
but still, i made an effort to go for her birthday party!


&& crap. i've got tons of birthday updates to post.
seems like i've got to be hardworking for now.
to think that laziness is my surname! bother~

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