another 8 more hours...

i'll be leaving for perth soon.

its just a matter of a couple more of hours.
& then i'll be heading off to a place where i've been looking forward to,
since the start of the year.
its really quite an irony.
the tickets for a December flight was booked in early January.
looking back at time now,
i realised that the the wait of 11 months seems to merely be,
just a couple of days,
no.. make it a few hours or perhaps seconds.
time flies, indeed.

i could still remember the time when Lexus and Levin came to Singapore.
i woke up early in the morning,
sat at the computer and started typing away,
blogging about their arrival to Singapore.
then, i hadnt had the chance to pick them up at the airport,
as lazy me picked sleeping over waiting in the airport with bleary eyes and a confused mind.
tic-tac-tic-tac goes the keyboard,
it was the only sound breaking through the early morning silence.
everyone else was sleeping, all but me.
then, i heard the eerie sound coming from the opening of the door.
Lexus stepped out of the room.
i had been thinking earlier,
how i should greet him, how i should start a conversation between the two of us,
how i had to say such that the conversation would continue flowing.
what i dreaded the most was an awkward silence passing between us.
i had so many thoughts and ideas in my mind.
i assume that i was prepared to face him.
but i was however wrong,
all the plans couldnt be found,
no matter how i dug my mind.
all that i could manage to muster up was a..
"Hi Lexus. Wow! You've grown so tall."

that happened... more than a year ago.
now, im not afraid of having to face that awkward silence anymore.
because what happened before,
was us not being in contact for more than 8 years.
we might have spoke on the phone. but still, it was 2 different things.
now, its proven that i can speak a hell lot of crap to them,
and they can speak a hell lot of rubbish back to me.

i guess im suppose to feel all anxious, all tweaky and all nervous now.
but i aint. surprisingly.
my mind is totally calm.
i'm at peace & ease.
no worries or whatsoever,
because i know that things are gonna work out just the way i want them to be.
afterall, i've waited for 11 months.
i deserve that bounty reward.
i'm gonna go there all energetic, ready for a brilliant adventure,
& i shall return with my camera filled with tons of pictures,
and my mind filled with millions of memories.

for now, i need to go rest.
i've got a 7 hours flight later.
and i'm leaving for the airport in 2 1/2 more hours.
just in case you're reading this Lexus,
my mom wants your mom to know that we're arriving in the airport at Perth,
at Terminal 1. 0715.
see you soon cousin.

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