Back in Singaporeeeeeee.

I'm being LAZY!

i'm suppose to have blogged every single day of my 12 days in Australia.
& i've failed to do so.
once again, im lazy now to upload photos.

reason #1:
i'm lazy

reason #2:
photos from 4 cameras?! give me a break!

reason #3:
i'm stuck to reading Breaking Dawn.
well, i honestly cant keep away from reading anything,
related to Twilight.
ever since i borrowed the first book, Twilight,
from my cousin. i got kinda, addicted to it?
another reason for the curiousity of reading it,
is thanks to Genevieve Lim.
her craze for vampires started it. *shoots daggers at her*
i bought New Moon (2nd book) & Eclipse (3rd book) in Australia.
for only $19.90?! and now im regretting not buying Breaking Dawn as well.
thank goodness for the internet, i managed to get a PDF version.
so i shall suffice with it till i get my hands on the book.
of course im getting it still! i've got a collection to finish!

did i actually mention that bad gen is not allowing me to read,
till i've done one blog entry?! meanie...

reason #4:
honey isnt back from Japan yet.
so there are thorns up my butt.
i simply cant sit still for a single moment.
so yeah, till he is back & i'm able to calm down.
then i might be likely to get the photos uploaded.

reason #5:
something that i learnt while being in Australia.


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