Happy Birthday Big Sister!

8 more days....

8 more days! & i'm flying off to Australia!
i've yet to pack my luggage.
i've yet to buy everything that i need.
i've yet to buy presents.
i've yet to do this and that!
*takes deep breaths*
8 more days... there are still tons of time left... i think!

anyway, it was my biggggie sister's birthday yesterday (04/12)


me and honey went to find birthday presents for her.
&& we bought her 2 t-shirts & a towel.

its kind of useless buying her anything bulky or whatever.
since she's leaving for Perth, Australia,
this coming february,
to get a degree in Nursing at Curtin University of Technology.
so if i were to buy her for example, a big Plushie,
i'd end up being the one packing and carrying it to our new house,
if we were to move while she is still in Australia.
if not, she'd bring it with her to Australia as well..
and that means that it'll be taking up luggage space!
that luggage space could be used to place more of my essential needs!
non. not that stupid to give myself that kind of trouble!
therefore, i've chosen to buy her something that she can bring to Australia,
which in turns, makes things easier for me as well.
this is called.. killing 2 birds with one stone!

when i told my sister that we got her the t-shirts
because it reminded us of her when we saw it.
she called us.. baskets!
what gratitude. *laughs*

today, 05/12/2008,
i went shopping with my family.
its been a really looooooonggggg time since we went out together like this.
what with my sister working during her various shifts,
& my dad studying TCM every alternate days.
the first comment that i've got to make is..
my sister has.. weird feet!
took us ages to find a pair of shoes that fit her.
she seems to have problems with tons of shoes man.
i really pitied the poor sales assistant.
kept having to rush in and out of the store room,
to get the pair of shoes that fitted her size.
she must have changed in and out of at least 7pairs of shoes!
she is one weird lady.
thank goodness for me,
i found a pair of shoes that i fell in love with immediately.
& there was my size!
so i quickly came to a final decision of: i'm buying it!
a pretty pair of Adidas that were in the colours of white & green.
casual & funky. just the kind i like. :D

bought for Lexus & Levin some presents.
i'm not allowed to say what they are boys.
so.. be patient!
& wait to find out what they are yourself!
its afterall.. only... 7 days? (its 12 midnight already)
till you get to see them. not very long, ya know.
you've already waited 11months? to the day that we meet.
whats another 7 more days for you guys yeah? :D

i havent been working this week.
lets just say that due to an event, im traumatised.
i darent step out of the house by myself nowadays.
& i doubt hon is going to let me either.
if i were to go anywhere,
i must be accompanied. or else,
i'd rather stay at home and rot.
yes, we do have excellent police forces.
but crimes still do occur.
& the police only come into place after the crimes have taken place.
be careful, really. especially to all girls.
like what parents always nag,
dont listen to MP3s while walking,
look around you,
observe your surroundings,
be aware of your environment.

dont end up like me.
i got distracted for only a second,
and i placed myself in serious danger.

on monday, 01/12/2008,
i was attacked & almost got abducted.
at the void deck of Blk 113, Teck Whye Lane.
i was walking towards the bus stop,
right outside the Dialysis Center.
as i walked, i got distracted for a moment,
looking at the screen of my MP3.
i did not have my earphones plugged into my ears yet.
a guy (stranger) came from behind me and blindfolded me with a white cloth.
at first i thought, it was a friend.
so i struggled and tried to pull the white cloth off.
after a second passed,
i realised that this was no friend,
this was no joke. its for real.
& i'm in danger.
i put all my screaming practice into good use,
by screaming at the top of my lungs!
he released his hold upon me immediately and took flight.
thank goodness that i chose to wore my spectacles that day,
thus he was unable to reach to my eyes.
if he did, who knows what might have happened to me now.
i probably wont even be sitting here blogging about this.
he knocked off my spectacles when he released his hold upon me,
so i didnt get a chance to see his facial features.
all i saw was his back.
i called honey immediately,
and he came with his mom & fetched me to their house.
all i had in my mind was to get away from that area.
now.. i've got a phobia about it.
thanks to honey,
i got over my shock quickly.
and the after-effects of the incident were not that major.
i'm still sorry that because of me,
he had to cancel his plans for that day.
he was going to go his friend's chalet.
yet due to me..... he couldnt.
he was so sweet. stayed back to keep me company.
even though i've thanked him countless of times,
i still wanna thank him again.
thank you honey.

i'm not sure if i'm still gonna work.
my dad has been grumbling that i've got poor working attitude,
refusing to work due to an incident like this.
well, i dont care.
i'm scared. i'm terrified.
i dont wanna work. period!
yes i know i'm being a complete brat.
but wait till you get into such a trauma,
i doubt you'd think otherwise from me.
honey hasnt been working either.
he kept fetching me out to walk around and stuff,
to distract me from thinking about that incident.
i've really troubled him alot.
he has to come all the way to my place to fetch me,
then when its time go home,
he has to bring me back to my place again.
& he doesnt just send me off at the lift lobby,
he brings me all the way up to my place. sweet lil honey (:


okay. i've written enough.
quite a major update on moi.
hui meimei, see ar! i update already.
no more nagging & complaining.
&& crap. thanks to Lexus,
who wanted me to change my blog songs into something related with Christmas.
i'm getting into the jolly mood.
however, i'm still missing all my old blog songs.
they have much more calming effects, which im in great need of.
anyway, i shall end this post with a...


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