thanks for the physics crash course.

damn it! there goes my voice....

woken up this morning, realising that my throat is aching like mad.
tried to greet good morning to all the elders in the house,
but the greetings turned out in croaks and quacks.
man.. i'm feeling like a frog and a duck at the same time.
is there anything called a fruck?
because i think that i'll be more than suitable to be known as that now.
feeling seriously horrible now. sucks to be unwell.
and yes. i've told my father bout me being unwell.
i've drunk the horrible tcm already.
so nope, you neednt worry about me. missy is PERFECTLY fine :D
excluding the croaks and the quacks, of course!

i still do not regret eating that chocolate ice-cream yesterday.
doubt i ever will actually! ha! *licks my lips*
choco-licious. love that ice-cream.
heck to my periods. i cant stay away from ice-cream.
especially when they're in chocolate flavour. hohohohohohoho!
same goes to the famous amos cookies. no nuts-chocolate chip cookies.
my favourites! never will, never have and never could stay away from them!
who'd be able to resist such crunchy chocolate chips cookies,
with such an aroma that you can actually smell them from miles away?
i doubt even you can, ya know! :D
the sore throat is definitely worth it.
yes i know whats going through your mind.
but didnt you after all,
took the sack of cookies away from me and brought it home?
i could no longer sink my teeth into those crunchy cookies,
so yeah. that stopped the tormentation of my health.

i owe you a BIG time.
thanks deardear, for that crash course on physics.
i still cant believe that you actually completed the whole of my syllabus in 2 days!
thats freaky ya know!
my confidence level in passing my physics exam has definitely shot up a hell lot!
but man.
you do really know how to stuff my brain with these physics concept dont you.
oh well...
at least i got my revenge by not understanding what you said.
thus resulting in you having to repeat tons of times.
i can still remember that exasperated look you had on your face.
its exactly the same as the one you had 9 years ago.
but you were as ever, patient.
you explained all the concepts to me till i've managed to grasp them fully.
you were this close to puking blood on the first day, yes i know that.
however, on the second day. you werent what!
i read up on all that i had to know,
and that made the teaching easier didnt it?
okay. by only a tiny little bit.
since i didnt really understand much of what i read. =X
ah.. but at least it still helped! thats whats important.

i still hate that bloody librarian manager.
is he dumb or what?
cant he see that notebooks of yours in your lap,
flipped out to a page full of formulas and definitions?
he is really blind. no worst than blind. he is definitely deaf.
oh and, he is retarded as well.
it simply proves that he does not know a single bit of physics.
call me biase but i honestly, hate Toa Payoh National Library now.
should i see him again the next time i'm there,
i swear i'll shoot him killer stares.
if he wasnt that old, i'd have given him 2 slaps in the face.

librarian manager(in a high screechy whiny voice): "i dont believe you 2 are learning."
moi: "we are studying!"

*motions to the books, files and papers laid all around us*
(physics textbook on my lap, his physics notebook on his lap, my TYS on the floor beside me, his file on the floor beside him, my files and papers strewn all over the floor in front of us)
*shoots the librarian manager with dagger stares.*
librarian manger: okay fine. continue then. *walks away.*
moi (thinking mentally, face flushing red with anger, fuming up physically and mentally): you fucking old fella. come here disrupt my lessons and start talking nonsense. are you blind or what?! cant you HEAR him talking physics? cant you see the physics notebook in his lap? damn you old man!

who in the right mind,
would have still wanna continue studying in that kind of a place?!
we left and headed for one of the MacDonalds in Toa Payoh.
that was really the place for studying.
because we at the very least, HAD TABLES TO SIT AND STUDY ON.
should have went there in the first place man.
unlike the pathetic library where we had to sit on the floor,
despite being 3 floors high. had no tables for us to sit on.
the library is in desperate need for a new librarian manager as well,
who aint that bitchy.
thinking about that old man still makes me fume in the inside.
that rising heat in me.......

DAY1. had lunch at Pastamania. @ toa payoh.
resolved my cravings for some linguini.
regretted not listening to him,
showered one too much of Parmesan Cheese on my spaghetti.
turned nauseous in the end.
and advice to all,
do not try washing the nauseatic feeling away with thick creamy soup.
because it only makes matter worst.
i do love the cream of chicken soup.
but its seriously not advisable to drink when one is feeling nauseous.
DAY2. had lunch at Jack's Place. @ United Square.
back at the place where i first dined with dear.
well, just that its a different location. ate spaghetti again.
there's beef though this time. mmm..
been a long time since i got to sink my teeth into them.
and now he knows my habit, i've got to always have soup when eating.
well, if there is soup available.
the benefits of dining with your loved one,
there's special privileges given.
the waiting staff kept looking at us, smiling at us.
gees. i thought i was gonna go mad soon.
if the waiting staff treated everyone that friendly.
they'd definitely win the best service award!
the flow of drinks never stops, unlike the time i went with 6h.
we had to wait really long for the staff to come re-fill our glasses once again.
oh well.. like what i said. special privileges!
somehow, the chocolate ice-cream was extremely sweet.
i've got no idea if its really due to the sugar content of the ice-cream itself.
or perhaps the atmosphere.....
i know i've said this to you already, but still..
once again, thanks for both the meals dearie.

physics physics physics.
have yet to test out what i've absorbed from the crash course.
shall go do it now. hohohohohohoho.
this is where the TYS i've bought last year, but have never used comes in handy.
kind of worried that i'd still be facing difficulties handling the questions.
*takes a deep breathe*
so long as i can recall all that dear has said.
it shouldnt be much of a problem.. right?
shall go get the answer to my question now...

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