its the prelims so.....?

a little breather..

whats better than going into malaysia to take a little break?
went to Desaru with my parents, Auntie Angie & Hannah.
main motive: LOBSTERS!!
lunch at Desaru is what im always looking forward to.
with all the seafood and stuff..... *smacks my lips*
shall quit with the talking and let the photos take over.
they're after all, worth a thousand words (:

bought many many things on my trip there.
1. 9 sticks of Bubble Gums in 3 different flavours.
2. 1 Calvin Klein Belt
3. 1 Gucci Shades
4. 1 Big Chocolate Chip Cookie
5. 4 cute (stuff toy) pens
6. 1 Glass bottle with Sea Shells & Sand
and yes you. Geneieve Lim Xue Qi.
I bought something for you as well.
shall keep it for you till i see you (:

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