girlfriend, i love you.

since the prelims over, its a little girlfriend time!

ever since the prelims ended on 16/09/2008.
i've been feeling like a free bird.
i neednt face books immediately once i return home from school.
and. i can go out for a little stroll at shopping malls with my girl.
ever since last friday..

i've been going out with jingting.
been going to LOT1 at first, since its the nearest to our school.
we'd have lunch, then start walking around.
pausing to look at clothes, accessories, make-up & blah..
just whatever that catches our attention.
had tons of laughter together,
what with all the ridiculous things that we have spotted.
its been such a long time since i last enjoyed such a girlfriend outing.
no offence, but i rather go out with someone who appreciates my company.
one who laughs along with me, one who sees the things that i do.
one who gives me her opinions, her views and encourages me to do stuff.
thanks to her, i bought the ring which i fancied alot.
its not very extravagant in its looks or anything,
just plain ordinary. my type.
a simple band, with roman numerals of 1 to 12 carved upon it.
ridiculously plain. yet it caught my sight.
bah... i'm just one with weird tastes in stuff.
just like her. (ooops!)
isnt that why she's my girlfrienddddddd? :DDDD

anyway. thanks girl.
for accompanying me these days.
going to LOT1 with me to have lunch @ Pastamania,
just because i had a sudden craving for italian food.
going to J8 with me to have lunch @ Yoshinoya,
for no exact reason. (LOL!)
well.. at least you had a hearty eyeful of guys.
told ya to listen to me already, i know where there are guys to look at. (hehehehe.)
dont worry dear! i'm really really loyal!
i only show the places where there are guys to look at!
i never look at all! really!! =X
unlike her! got boyfriend still want see guys.. (tsk tsk tsk!)
kind of going off-track once again.
i'm suppose to be thanking her,
yet i have somehow strayed away from that main purpose,
and have ended up saying her. oh well!
you wont blame me wont you, girlfriend? :B

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