hmm.. i know its only 8.06am in the morning,
but considering the fact that i normally wake up around 10-11am.
this is considered early and abnormal for me.
i woke up at 2am, then again at 4.46am, then again at 6.07am, then again at 7.30am.
the 1st time i woke up was because i had a stupid idiot dream again!
arrgh! i have seriously no idea why i keep having dreams recently,
perhaps i should tell my daddy to make me a medicine
which can let me sleep much more smoothly.
getting sick of being scared half to death in the dreams,
then suddenly waking up to find that those incidents are dreams,
dreams which are fake and MIGHT nt come true.
well, the 2nd time i woke up..
was because someone gave me a morning call which i am PERFECTLY PLEASED OF!
seriously, i'd rather he wake me up then to let me continue worrying bout him non-stop.
to get an sms from him is hard when he is so busy,
furthermore he was in US.
this little sacrifice of sleeping a little less is worthy of giving up after all :)
i was kept awake for bout half an hour before dozing off again hugging my pigpig.
the 3rd time i woke up was because of a dream again!
whats up with the nice fairytale and loving dreams.
why are all my dreams scary ones which make me worry and get scared half to death?!
sth is really wrong over here!
but anyway, i stayed awake for bout 10mins,
convincing myself that they were dreams and all fake before dozing off again.
the 4th time i woke up was because my biological clock has gone hay-wired.
probably due to OVER-WORRYING!
i did try to get back to sleep,
i laid there for bout half an hour,
but my brain was already whirring in progress,
part of it was working out my schedule for today,
while the other part was worrying non-stop again.
how i wish he can be back as soon as possible.
i think i'm gonna go mad due to over-worrying for him.
well at least, he's returning already!
the earliest he would sg would be tonight,
the latest is tomorrow during dawn. (i started calculating the probability of what time he would reach sg due to over-boredom! :D)

to think that i worry so much bout him and he played a prank on him yestd. RAWR!
i had every temptation to kill him and babyy yestd.
i was already waiting like mad, worrying like mad,
and he played this idiot prank on me! WITH HIS DEAR SISTER,BABYY!

this was what happened..
as i have said previously that if my assumption of the time he would take to reach US is correct,
he would reach there around SG time 2300.
so i stayed awake waiting for his sms..
i was already very very tired cos i woke up at 2am the previous night.
then i recieved this sms from babyy saying..
upon reading this sms,
my worry-meter increased by 2x.
cos he told me once that someone hacked into his acc before,
and spent all his money.
so i rushed out of my room to find my dad using the comp.
beg my dad to let me use for 5mins,
went into audi with his acc,
talked to babyy said the hacker left,
then i talked to deViL and then deViL revealed a vital information to me without realising what went wrong, this was what he said,
HUH? someone hacked into his acc just now? but the person who came online just now was none other then the genuine Zhu himself. how can he log into audi while he is US. he cfm in SG larh.
at this sentence, i was getting really confused..
babyy said that the hacker was someone else and definitely not Zhu himself,
then deViL claimed that it was Zhu himself..
i was seriously getting blurr..
i asked deViL for evidence and he said that the person who logged into -TWINS-MrZhu just now called him dar! the nickname that zhuzhu gave deViL (the 2 of them are ghey partners!)
then i asked babyy for evidence that this person who locked into -TWINS-MrZhu was not zhu himself and she couldnt give me any.
my brain started whirring, fixing the puzzles tgt one by one..
then i searched babyy and found her in free3, rm 035.
the EXACT ONE that deViL was in.
then deViL pmed me again,
correcting EVERYTHING he said. saying that the person who logged in was not zhuzhu and zhu was in US nt SG..
my brain was already proccessing everything at top speed,
i knew sth was wrong. STH WAS REALLY WRONG!
( My Dear Alexx. I AM NT THAT DUMB YOU KNOW! i have an intelligent IQ of 143! if you want to fool me, COVER all the evidence! not PROVIDE all the evidence! )
at that moment, i told babyy to call zhu,
she said that she was able to get through his phone.
i was about to ask her what did he say to her when she dc-ed and nv returned.

my brain processed the above possibilities that were happening,
1. Alexx babyy and deViL were up to sth.
2. Alexx lied to me and didnt go to US, he was still in SG.

i had deViL as my next target.
i asked him what he, babyy & zhuzhu were up to since she rushed over to find him at the mention of his name when i told her bout zhu being the 0ne who came online.
he said nothing! there was nothing going on.
that dismissed my first possibility thus leaving only the 2nd one applicable.
ASSUMING that zhu had lied to me really made me very dejected.
i started wondering why he lied to me and etc.
i turned off the comp and went back to my room.
then i found 1missed call and 1 sms waiting for me..
both were from Alexx.
apparently, he had called to explain to me but since i didnt pick up his call he smsed instead.
this was what he said. ( due to privacy, some parts would not be mentioned of! )
" Wa.. dont want listen.. Nvm ba.. my acc tio hack by me la.. now is US time 12.57pm.. "
i knew he wasnt lying to me, he was really in US.
then he called me again.. explaining everything..
saying that it was actually a surprise for me..
i almost skinned him alive!
play a prank on me.. grr..
so.. we chatted on the phone..
he told me what was going on in US... and he also..
i know he cares bout me :)
that is what i needed. care & concern.
well.. knowing his safe was all thats important,
and finally i was set at ease and dozed off to sleep..

hmm.. come to think bout it..
i should kill deViL as well!
if he hadnt dismiss my 1st possiblity,
i could have proved myself right!
anyway, so what if i've proved myself right?
i would have not known that Alexx cared so much bout me.
it was a worthy trade after all :)
well.. he's coming back to SG in..
ermm.. err.........................................
less than 1 day! but still.. 10 hours plus..
nvm! its okay! i shall think positive! i shall be optimistic!

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