the agony of waiting.

here i sit typing in this in the EARLY MORNING at 4.06am.
probably will get killed if he knows that i am not sleeping..
but still..
HEY! this is nt my fault.
off he is in a plane to USA now.
while i am stuck right at home in SG.

its not easy going to sleep and then after barely 3 hours of sleep,
i got woken up by a stupid dream..
so now i'm stuck here in sg waiting for his return..
bahh! who cares?
i LOVE sg!
love it for its WARM & BRIGHT weather for 365 days every year.
love it for its EVERLASTING greenery for 365 days every year.
love it for this MULTI-RACIAL society for 365 days every year.
love it for the SMALLNESS, which brings a sense of closeness among all singaporean, 365days every year.

on saturday (15/03)
i went to Escape Theme Park with the some of the TWINS members.
my mom would probably kill me if she knew i went out of strangers.
but you see..
if we went out the first time,
knew each other..
then we're not considered to be strangers! hehe :)
at first, my mom didnt allow me to go..
saying that i hadnt completed my hw etc. (always those excuses to prevent me frm going out!)
what she didnt know was..
i can be a hw maniac when i want.
i rushed thru my HUMONGOUS pile of hw,
and managed to complete..
E MATH, A MATH, A CHINESE SHORT STORY! (min 2.5 pages long!)
its quite an achievement cos i did it all in like..
2hrs? maybe 3.. anyway..
normally i can drag my hw the whole day and only completed like..half of the A MATH?
i was allowed to go to Escape Theme Park! YEAH! and my daddy was fetching me there..
so i was thinking..
hmm.. since he's fetching me there, i guess i wont be too late..
but then! my dad drove me to Pasir Ris Park instead.
i was like HUH? what is this place.
then my dad was like YOU MEAN ITS THE WRONG VENUE?
how cute can my dad be? lols.
to sum up, he got me there in the end.

DAMN!! there's this teeny weeny flying insects flying all around me now. IRRITATING!
must be the bright light coming frm the computer screen thats attracting them.

so.. off to escape and i was fine at first,
cos i didnt have lunch so sitting the rides so fine..
but the GOOD lasted nt very long.
we went into BURGER KING..
and i saw the Hershey Sundae Pie.. and was SO tempted by it..
that idiot deViL kept encouraging me to buy it saying very nice..
in e end, i bought it. i must admit it was nice..
how i wished i'd listen to Alexx instead..
that idiot pie was full of cream..
and my next ride was RAINBOW.
that was all right since it didnt consist of my stomach lurging up and down..
that was the disaster!
i swear i almost puked out all the sundae pie on that 'fishing' ride.
Dolleh was too shocked by the ride so she couldnt talk to me..
my face was all green (according to Alexx)
i was feeling so unwell and kept my eyes close like in a sleeping position on the ride.
when i heard Alexx shouting at me frm the other end (he was sitting opp. me)
one word came across my mind to describe him.. MORON!
but since i am a very nice person of cos i didnt say that to him :)
Alexx kept me company throughout the rest of the pirate ship..
we were communicating by shouting across at one another.
damn! thinking bout it now..
i think we looked pretty much like idiots.. shouting at one another frm each end. LOL! =X
so.. that idiot sundae pie ruined e rest of my day.
i was holding back the temptation to puke all e time.
and Ezra still force me to ride the Inverter..
lucky Alexx took my place and sat it for me.. or i guess Ezra would have bugged me non-stop.
by e time i finally left Escape it was bout..7.30pm?
and i was supposed to be home by 8.
lucky mom was out with AhMa and Dad had this chinese physician lessons.
so.. WHEW!
since yan, ezra bearbear and devil wanted to have dinner,
and i was rushing for time..
they were still at escape deciding their dinner when me and alexx left..
the bad thing bout the BUS at Escape was that there was only one bus and it took AGES to come.
i might have gone mad if i was waiting alone.. lucky alexx was there..
so we chatted and chatted and chatted.. till that freaking bus came.
and in the MRT ride home.. we chatted and chatted and chatted..
i reached home bout 10pm and guess what!
my parents were not at home yet and my sister was going out to ZOUK.
so i was left at home..
lucky i was beat-out so i fell asleep almost immediately..

i was meeting Alexx to go with me to VivoCity to collect my contact lenses.
well.. jingting was suppose to come at first..
but then after that i told her not to come..
cos i was afraid i might ps her..
then Alexx told me he was bringing his fren(weijie) along..
so i told jt to come..
she almost killed me since it was a last min decision..
but as usual.. being a very kind-hearted person..
she came along after all!
well.. it was my first time wearing contacts..
and the idea of sticking my finger into my eyes was kinda exciting to me..
i kept blinking at first and could barely get it in..
Alexx was standing right beside me sneering.. zz.. i'll get my hands on him the next time..
(p.s. jingting was off with weijie cos they didnt want to sit around waiting for half an hour)
but still.. i manage to get it in.
AT LEAST. i spend less time than you alexx..putting it on for my first try and taking it out.
i didnt know why i took so long to put it in and barely spend a few seconds to take the lenses out.
so..after that we stated walking around looking for Daiso
while jt went home, since she had to catch the msia bus.
we walked and walked and walked,
and couldnt find it. so we gave the idea up and opted for dinner first instead.
i was seriously nt hungry though i didnt eat lunch and only had 3 mouths of bread for breakfast.
but that Alexx had to force me saying he wont eat till i eat..
knowing how hungry he is, i sacrificed..
gosh! i still cant forget that BIG plate of spaghetti w/ grilled fish plus 4 slices of garlic bread he ordered for himself.
that guy can really eat and nt gain weight!
while i had the suckiest bowl of ban mian i ever ate in my life.
i even found a strand of hair in it. EEW!
i only ate bout 1/4 and gave up. the noodles really sucked!
knowing that i had to get a present of some sort for POP.
we went in search for Daiso again, and this time i found it.
while taking the escalator down again, i saw Precious Thots and rushed inside it.
and i managed to find sth worthy to give my dear juniors :)
i'm nt gonna say what i got cos its a surprise..
sth for you to anticipate and sth for me hold my tongue for e moment.
while i was at Precious Thots choosing things,
Alexx and Weijie went into Mini Toons.
when i went inside to find them...
i found Alexx holding this pig bolster and when he saw me.. he chased me out of mini toons.
but still i sneaked in again cos i wanted to look at the latest eeyores in store.
i saw this fat eeyore. really fat! i was trying very hard to stiffle my laughter away.
i was seeing halfway when Alexx came up and started trailing me around..
he told me that we had to wait 5 mins for the pig bolster..
so i started going into all the shops with stuff toys..
searching for kawai plushies. most of the plushies were the same so it wasnt really fun.
soon, 5 mins was up. i was gonna proceed home when Angie called me..
she asked where i was and whether i wanted to go bunk with her and -TWINS-HuBBy.
since i had to settle Punk and Kidd0's cbox problem,
i told her i would go there but wont stay for long.
and guess who i say at bunk!
i was so shocked. didnt expect to see anyone i knew frm schl at there.
i could see lesh was pretty shocked too. since adil's eyes were fixed on the comp screen,
i gave him a few rocks on the chair to make him acknowledge my presence. hehe :)
the part where i introduced Alexx to lesh and Adil was the most awkward.
seriously, i can give an excellent speech on stage,
but when it comes to things like introducing your friends, i must admit i sucked at it.
Alexx gave me quite a stare-down for that sudden and lousy introduction.
well.. SORRY Alexx, but when it comes to things like introducing of friends, i'm at a complete loss for words.
so, i settled the cbox prob, accompanied Angie for a few mins and then i headed for home.
oh yeah! back to the pig bolster, on my way to bunk,
Alexx gave me the pig bolster saying it was for me.
i was really shocked larh. didnt expect to be given sth..
and then again, i was at a loss for words. for that few mins, i must have looked really dumb.

well, thats pretty much everything.
i've sitted here typing for an hour plus..
and i'm still nt tired. i guess his sudden departure really struck me dumb.
sometimes i really hate myself for being such a pig.
i told him to call me before he left on the plane. he did call me..
BUT I FELL ASLEEP! zz.. hate myself now.
i seriously didnt expect him to be gone so quickly,
i was really shocked when he told me he was leaving for USA tonight..
and would only be coming back to sg on sunday.
i dreamt that he was back the very next day,
and then i was thinking in my dream how he could have returned so soon since it took 25hrs (i still rmb what sinhui told me of the duration on the flight to USA.) per journey to and fro to USA. i was thinking 25x2=50hrs 1 day is only 24 hrs.
its impossible he could have flown back so quickly.
then i woke up and couldnt fall asleep since then.
hmm.. in another.. 18 hrs he would be reaching USA..
and i have to wait for another 2days.
agony. hate waiting......

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